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Librarian-faculty communications: guidelines and methods

(David Farrell, AUL Collections and selectors, Feb. 1996)
  1. Communicating timely, accurate, effective information to faculty is critical to The Library's mission.
  2. Collection specialists have primary responsibility for providing library information and services to Berkeley's faculty.
  3. Effective communications may be formal or informal. Methods, content, amount and frequency of communications vary depending on the subject discipline and the faculty members' needs.
  4. Librarians will initiate contact with all faculty members at least once per academic year to provide basic information about collections and services, including what to expect from (and how to reach) the collection specialist, how to order materials for the collections, and how to resolve library-related problems. A special effort is made to contact recently-appointed faculty in person.
  5. The Library encourages academic departments to designate a faculty library liaison, or appoint a faculty library committee, to maintain and develop contact with the collection specialist.
Some suggested methods
  1. Annual message (via letter or email) to all faculty with basic collections and services information.
  2. Personalized telephone or email contact with recently-appointed faculty.
  3. Library newsletter with updates on personnel, budget, policies, new collections, consortial activities, electronic resources, etc.
  4. Occasional faculty surveys to determine needs, opinions (requesting a response to a question about instructional needs, exhorbitant journal prices increases, etc., provides feedback about the effectiveness of communications, attentiveness of faculty)
  5. Seek opportunities to increase library visibility by such activities as attending departmental meetings, seminars, colloquia
  6. Link library-departmental, librarian-faculty webpages.
  7. Coordinate/backup communications from Access and Teaching Library units (e.g., TL identifies collection specialist for further information; collection specialist alerts faculty to local impacts of Access policies and policy changes)
  8. Co-sponsor events (e.g., Morrison lecture series, exhibit openings)

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