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Proposals for One-time Investments
to Improve Library Operations

October 8, 1998

The Library Planning Group (LPG) invites proposals for one-time investments to improve Library operations. These proposals should contribute to the Library’s primary goal of improving our support of the library and information needs of our academic co mmunity. Proposals may involve buying staff time, equipment, outside services or other types of resources.

Penny Abell, Interim University Librarian, has approved up to $200,000 in non-19900 discretionary funds for this purpose, and LPG encourages all library staff to submit both large and small proposals for its consideration.

A Screening Committee, comprised of Bette Anton, Charles Faulhaber, Ellen Meltzer, Debby Sommer, and Lee Leighton (chair), has formulated the following guidelines for the proposals:

The Screening Committee will review the proposals; return any incomplete proposals for resubmission; verify cost implications with appropriate units such as Systems, LHRD, Technical Services, etc.; assess the proposals using the established criteria; a nd forward all the proposals in ranked order using the criteria below to LPG.

Proposals should fall into one of the two following categories:

Category I: Direct assistance to our (non-library staff) clientele.

Criteria: Number of users:
  • Does the proposal have an impact on a large proportion of our primary clientele?
  Efficiency for user:
  • Will the project increase scholarly productivity by improving convenience of access or by other means?
  Visibility of service improvement:
  • Will the project have a visible impact on services to The Library’s clientele?

Category II: Contribution to staff effectiveness.

Criteria: Number of staff:
  • Does the proposal have an impact on a large proportion of our staff?
  Efficiency of staff:
  • Will the project increase staff productivity?
  Visibility of effect:
  • Will the project have a visible impact on staff effectiveness?
  What will the direct impact be on our primary clientele?

In addition to the criteria in I and II above, the following criteria will also be applied in ranking the proposals:

Criteria: Feasibility:
  • Will the project be implementable within 12 months?
  Project cost:
  • Is the budget for the project reasonable given its scope and potential impact?
  • Once the project is completed, will its gains be sustainable and ongoing?

The Screening Committee offers two brown bags lunches to answer questions and exchange ideas with Library staff. They will be on Tuesday, October 13 at noon and Monday, October 19 at 1:00 in the Bancroft Library Conference Room.

Please feel free to contact the members of the Screening Committee by telephone or email:

Bette Anton 2-1020 banton
Charles Faulhaber 2-1458 cfaulhab
Ellen Meltzer 2-1580 emeltzer
Debby Sommer 2-4819 dsommer
Lee Leighton 2-4145 lleighto

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