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October 8, 1998

Installed cost per PC (incl. monitor, keyboard, mouse, network card, lockdown, software, etc.) $2000
Recurring annual costs per PC  
 Replacement (once every 4 years)$500
 Maintenance & repair (labor and parts)$500-750
Installed cost per network connection (if needed) $500
Recurring annual cost per network connection  
 Proposed (est.)$120-300
LaserJet Printer4000N cost$1280
 Replacement (once every 4 years)$320
Networked printers:   
 Network jack$500 plus recurring maintenance for the network

The range given for maintenance and repair results from the fact that PC's that load their software from a server are less costly to maintain than those whose software is all loaded locally. (All these numbers assume, by the way, non-specialized hardware and software. Multimedia machines, high-bandwidth network connections, and the like are higher in every category of cost, and it is not possible to generalize about them.)

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