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Shelving expectations for 2000/2001

  1. Shelve all microfilm, including Sanborns. Goal, shelve twice a day
  2. Index maps. Goal, shelve twice a day
  3. Reserve class materials, 2-3 times a day.
  4. Unbound Reading Room Journals. Goal, once a day
  5. Sweep map area and put all maps in sorting areas. Goal, once a day
  6. Sweep aerial photos, Goal once a day
  7. Sweep books, Goal once a day
  8. Shelve California quads in 24 hours
  9. Shelve Unbound journals in stacks once a day
  10. Shelve Reading Room books once a day
  11. Shelve Bound journals in 36 hours
  12. Shelve aerial photos in 36 hours
  13. Shelve books in 48 hours, including single, double and triple folios
  14. Shelve Case B and Case D and Case 2 in 48 hours
  15. Shelve Eastern Quads in 48 hours

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