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Goals for Circulation Services

created by Circulation Committee, 4/90

The Library is committed to providing excellent circulation services, and to that end adopts the following goals:

To provide timely, convenient and equitable access to materials through:

  1. Alert and courteous attention to all requests.
  2. Fair and consistent application of access policies.
  3. Adequate schedule of open hours.
  4. Minimum waiting times for patrons.
  5. Timely processing of course reserve materials.
  6. Accurate circulation records.
  7. Shelving practices which emphasize speed, accuracy, and good conservation practice.
  8. Maximum availability of materials in heavy demand.

To provide accurate information on the use of basic services and sources during all hours the library is open, including:

  1. Circulation procedures and policies; anticipated waiting periods for recalls, paging from storage, etc.; options available to unsatisfied patrons.
  2. Directions to frequently used areas in unit, building, and other libraries (i.e., shelving locations, other units, etc.)
  3. Library-wide services related to circulation, e.g., borrower cards, hours of service, and other information available in Library Orientation Leaflets, such as BAKER, IBS, etc.
  4. Introductory information on The Catalogs (The [card} catalog, GLADIS and MELVYL) where appropriate; location and use of course reserve records.
  5. Location of a limited number of reference works in the unit.
  6. Safety and security procedures, including informed help during emergencies.
  7. Use of machines for reading, copying items, and other machines, location of machines nearby, and whom to notify in case of problems.

To provide an environment which will promote effective use of materials for study and research through:

  1. Safe, clean, and well-lighted facilities.
  2. A Sufficient number of adequately maintained machines including, but not limited to, GLADIS and MELVYL terminals, microform readers/printers, copy machines, and change machines, on site or nearby.
  3. Adequate security measures for persons and materials with security procedures known to staff.
  4. Circulation activities carried out in a quiet, efficient manner.
  5. Access to all library facilities for disabled users.

To seek and use feedback for continued improvement in services through:

  1. A system for receiving, evaluating and acting on suggestions.
  2. Regularly scheduled communication between Circulation Supervisor and Circulation staff, and between Circulation Supervisor and Unit Head.
  3. Regular referral of lost and missing titles to selectors for replacement or withdrawal.
  4. Accurate statistical reporting; local review for trends.
  5. Regular review at unit level of quality of circulation services.

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