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Unit Performance Standards

The Education-Psychology Library seeks to provide consistant, high quality library services through its public and technical service operations. Each staff member plays a vital role in this effort, both in interactions with patrons, and in the willingness to work toward common goals in a spirit of civility and mutual respect. This includes the responsibility of providing a good model for student employees. To make sure that these goals are met, all staff members uphold the following standards :

  1. Be approachable and willingly assist others, both co-workers and patrons.
  2. Maintain a professional demeanor with co-workers and patrons to ensure good public service and smooth workflow.
  3. Give feedback and observations to co-workers and supervisors.
  4. Conversations need to be appropriate to the workplace.
  5. Relationships with co-workers and student employees need to be professional within the workplace.
  6. Listen and communciate in a way that creates an open environment.

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