Technical Services Council's Task Force on
Deleting Records from OCLC and RLIN

The Technical Services Council Task Force on Deleting Records from OCLC and RLIN is charged with identifying and examining all the issues surrounding batch deletion of Berkeley's records from OCLC and RLIN. Berkeley's records have not been systematically deleted from the two national utilities in many years creating the false impression that the library still holds many items that have been deleted from the collection.

The Task Force should identify the instances in which records should be deleted from GLADIS and subsequently from OCLC and RLIN. It should also review current record deletion practices to determine if they should be modified to facilitate batch deletion from the utilities.

The Task Force should also consider the policies and practices of the Library units that currently delete records individually from OCLC and RLIN, as well as the Affiliated Libraries which will also soon participate in the GLADIS database, to determine if batch deletion is advisable and practical for those units as well.

The Task Force should report its recommendations to the Council by July 1, 2001. If you wish to discuss any issues with the Council before you present your report, please feel free to contact me about scheduling.

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