Task Force for library collections and services
in support of Art History, the Visual Arts, and Classics

Background and Charge | Task Force Members

Background and Charge:

Thank you for agreeing to serve on this task force to advise The Library on future services and collections for the history of art, visual arts defined in the broadest sense, and classics. Currently the services and collections supporting visual arts and classics are dispersed among several on-campus locations including the Art History/Classics Service in Doe Library, the Main Stacks, and Moffitt. In addition, significant portions of the collections reside at the Northern Regional Library Facility in Richmond. Seismic renovations to Doe Library and the potential for creating additional library space in the Doe Core provide opportunities for librarians and faculty to work together to design improved library facilities and services in support of disciplines relying on the history of art, visual arts and classics collections and services. In addition, the expansion of the Moffitt Multi-Media Center will require that we either consider adaptations to the visual display cases on the first floor, relocation into a larger central facility, or expanded use of technology. We hope that your group will review all of the existing collections and services and recommend any physical or programmatic consolidations that would benefit research in the history of art, visual arts, and classics.

The campus is currently engaged in a long-range physical facilities planning effort, in which the Library has a role. Because of uncertainties regarding seismic surge and Doe core construction possibilities, we will need to develop a flexible timetable and implementation strategy for your recommendations. In addition, your proposals will have to be considered within the larger context of overall campus space planning for libraries. Despite these uncertainties, however, it will be quite useful to have your ideas in the forefront as we proceed with the larger planning effort.

As you proceed, please consider the following questions:

  1. What are the present realities and future trends in art history, the visual arts more generally, and classics at UCB? What are the goals of campus administrators and faculty alike for this complex of programs that cut across numerous disciplines?

  2. What types of library collections and services will be necessary to create a world-class library that will support the academic programs relating to art history, the visual arts and classics at UCB? What is the estimated size of the existing collection(s) and future collection(s)? Do scholars expect to see major changes in the way scholarly publication takes place, e.g. digital form, in the future? What technological advances need to be taken into consideration in planning a facility of this type?

  3. Who will constitute the primary clientele for this facility? Should it serve both graduate and undergraduate populations?

  4. What are the space, service, and staffing needs for library programs that will support visual arts programs?

  5. Describe the scope of a facility that could occupy 10,000 square feet, and 20,000 square feet.

  6. Describe any development activities or strategies that will be necessary to complete this program.

In developing your recommendations, please consult as appropriate with your colleagues.

The Library is scheduled to make a presentation to the Space Assignments and Capital Improvements Committee in late spring; therefore it would be useful if you were to have a preliminary report with recommendations available by mid-April. Fred Yasaki, Library Architect, will be available as a resource to assist with your work.

Members of Task Force for library collections and services in support of Art History, the Visual Arts, and Classics:

Kathryn Wayne, Visual Arts Librarian, Joint Chair
Loren Partridge, Professor, Dept. Of History of Art, Joint Chair
Don Mastronarde, Professor, Classics Department
Melissa Trafton, Graduate Student, History of Art
Sarah C. Stroup, Graduate Student, Classics
Ivan Arguelles, Classics Librarian


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