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Task Force on Gladis and the Affiliate Libraries

Final report - 3/23/01
Charge to the committee, Isabel Stirling, December 1, 2000

The Technical Services Council, Public Services Council, and Cabinet have all endorsed the concept of adding the Affiliated Libraries' cataloging records into Gladis. There are several issues that need to be addressed to explore the feasibility and process of this concept.

The charge to the Task Force is to identify the issues involved which include: local subject headings vs. LC headings; analytics for articles; record flows (to Melvyl, bibliographic utilities, etc); and Gladis circulation features.

We are delighted that the individuals listed below are willing to work on addressing these issues. We would like to have recommendations made to the Public Services Council and Cabinet by March 23, 2001.

Ron Heckart has agreed to serve as Chair, and will convene the group for its first meeting.


Resources to include as needed:

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