Administrative Services Task Force 1997-98

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The conversion of many of the Library's administrative policies and procedures to form the Staff Materials section of the Library Web has been very helpful. The site is a handy, quick way to get to compilations of useful information, such as committee rosters and directories. The section has been especially useful in disseminating very quickly documents of current interest to the Library staff as a whole, such as the Blue Ribbon Committee chair and the Library's 1998-99 budget request to the campus.

The Task Force report recommends automating manual library business and personnel functions, and making the accompanying policies, procedures, and forms easily accessible to the staff who have to use them. The Staff Materials Web site is the logical place to put this documentation.

At the moment, managers and supervisors who use the Staff Materials site to search for policy and procedural documents related to library business and personnel find it difficult to navigate because there are too manuals whose titles sound alike. A keyword search yields too many results because it searches the entire Library Web. In addition, there are many selections on the site that have little relevance to day-to-day library operations and management. For example, one can find the official policy to take photos and film in the Library, but nowhere can a timecard supervisor find the schedule for turning in timecards or can a unit manager learn about the Computer Equipment Replacement Fund (CERF) Policy. There also appears to be a lack of coordination between the Staff Materials data owner and some of the administrative service units about what appears on the respective Web sites. For instance, Library personnel policies and procedures are contained in both the LHRD site and the Library Administrative Services Manual, which in itself is not bad, but some policies and procedures are available on one site, and not the other.

The Task Force suggests that the Staff Materials site be reviewed by a task force of library stakeholders who can make recommendations for improving its organization and making it more relevant to the needs of staff. The new format of the Library home page, which is easy to use and visually appealing, should be used for the Staff Materials site. Another group, which could be chaired by the Staff Materials Web data owner, should then be formed to review the site's content and design periodically. And, finally, all the Library administrative service units should take a more active role in working with the Staff Materials Web data owner to design new sections and update existing sections. Together they should make it a high priority to communicate with and be responsive to the needs of staff about what they most want to have on the Staff Materials site in order to make it as useful as possible to everyone who works in the Library.

Recommendations regarding administrative procedures and interactive web based forms:

  • Review the Library's staff materials web site.

  • Mount a more user friendly, relevant, indexed and searchable staff administrative manual. Policies and procedures sections organized and developed in consultation with appropriate library departments.

  • Reallocate staff time (e.g., web manager, systems personnel, other) for design and construction of web-based resources. (Also see efficiencies of Miscellaneous Units and Attachment B (html, pdf) chart of administrative functions web.)
  • Salary Savings: n/a 
    Potential Reallocations: unknown
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