Administrative Services Task Force 1997-98

Systems and Training Support

This Task Force has recommended many changes in workflow processes that will involve improved use of technology. In order to successfully implement these changes and realize the potential efficiencies, we urge a strong commitment to provide system support and on-going staff training. It is our hope that these efforts will provide the impetus to establish a pattern of continuous improvement within The Library.


  • Allocate 1.0 FTE Systems Analyst dedicated to Administrative Services for a minimum of 24 months for the following projects and on-going support.
  • Projects:
    1. Create a new Student Employee database in ACCESS.
    2. Create new leave keeping and reporting database in ACCESS.
    3. Create a budget system in ACCESS.
    4. Create "canned" reports in BIS using Brio query and financial reports in MOMS.
    5. Create repository of reports from BIS data warehouse specific to Library using Brio.
    6. Consult on mounting reports on the Web (Library Staff Materials) to include monthly GA reports, MIPS/MOMS reports, General Ledger.
    7. Program automated distribution of reports via e-mail to include monthly leave reports to supervisors (for distribution to staff); Human Resources reports that would include current status data on employees such as classification, salary, evaluation due dates, merit dates.
    1. Ensure interfaces of all appropriate Library systems to Berkeley Financial System (BFS) and Human Resources Management System (HRMS).
    2. Ensure interfaces from INNOPAC to CAPS.
    3. Create interfaces to Central System Personnel (CSP) for staff and GA payroll.
    4. Create interface between INNOPAC and MOMS to consolidate financial accounting into one report.
    On-line Forms:
    1. Travel reimbursements
    2. Check Requests
    3. Supply orders (office supplies)
    4. "Greens" (supply orders)
    5. UFINS (expenditure transfers)
    6. Transfer of funds
    7. Personnel forms
    8. Payroll adjustment forms - Late pay (LX), negative pay adjustment (RX), additional pay (AP)
    Salary Savings: n/a 
    Potential Reallocations: unknown 
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