Administrative Services Task Force 1997-98

Space Planning, Facilities, and Security

The Library Space Planning, Facilities and Security Department was created based upon the recommendations of the Administrative Services Task Force review conducted in 1995. The department is a result of a consolidation of several independent units: Space Planning, Building Management Services (BMS), and Security. As the result of the consolidation and realignment of work, and staff attrition, overall staffing has been reduced by 10 FTE.

Budget Recommendations:

  • Use existing Facilities and Security staff to fill in for Jason Delaney's internship with Library Systems Office starting March 1 - August 1998. Anticipated savings for FY 1997-98: March-June = $9144 (contributes to the $50K Year 1 savings target)

  • Additional savings for FY 1998-99: $27,432 - $10,500 = $16,932 (Jason's salary offset with Gail Benson's status change in Security from 50% to 100% FTE)
    Salary Savings: . 5 FTE $26,000
    Potential Reallocations: n/a unknown
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