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Charge to the Moffitt Security Task Force
September 27, 1999

To: Ann Moen, Chair, Fernando Brito, Julie Cain, Rebecca Corral, 
Meredith Fleming, Miguel Labon, Sheila Wekselbaum

Thank you all for agreeing to serve on the Moffitt Security Task 
Force.  You are charged with reviewing the current safety of the 
staff and the security of the library materials and equipment in 
the Moffitt Library and taking any recommendations for changes to 
the Library Cabinet. Please specifically review:

1. personal safety issues involving staff in the building during 
the regular work day, as well as staff entering and leaving the 
building in the early morning, evenings and on weekends; 
2. the security of the mail, library materials and equipment 
entering and stored in the Mail Room and the facilities receiving 
3. keys issued to staff to access the building;
4. any doors that should remain locked during the regular workday;
5. the security of the unmarked library materials in Technical 
Services as well as the fully processed materials in the stacks;
6. the security of the equipment, especially computer equipment, 
in the staff and public areas.

If other issues of safety and security in Moffitt come to your 
attention, please explore those as well.  During your deliberations 
assume that no additional staff will be added to the current security 

Please feel free to talk with the Moffitt unit heads, Barbara Kornstein, 
and me as often as necessary.  If you feel a larger discussion forum is 
needed, please contact Brenda Krell to schedule a discussion with 
Roundtable.  Also please contact LHRD or Fred Yasaki to discuss the 
legal requirements of the American with Disabilities Act.

Please bring your recommendations to the Library Cabinet meeting on 
October 21st at 1:30 PM.  

Thank you again for agreeing to work on this important issue.

Lee Leighton
Acting AUL, Doe/Moffitt



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