Administrative Services Task Force 1997-98

Miscellaneous Units

Several units throughout the Library, not explicitly listed in the task force charge, were surveyed to determine approximate percentages of time spent on administrative functions. Attachment B (html, pdf) illustrates the administrative functions performed in Conservation, Doe-Moffitt Circulation, East Asian Library, Humanities and Area Studies, Systems, Teaching Library, Development Office, Librarianís Office, Bancroft, Mark Twain, and the Regional Oral History Office, which this task force reviewed. General office functions, essential to some degree in each area, were defined as reception, phones, mail, filing, and word processing. Many units also reported spending time on these common functions: accounting, calendars, grants, supplies, timekeeping, travel, web creation/maintenance. Efficiencies created through automation of these common functions could be of sufficient benefit library-wide to free the staff time necessary to fill any increased needs that might occur in other units. 
  • Reallocate 1.0 FTE to create accounting position in LBO for fiscal control of contracts, grants, and endowments.
  • Reallocate 1.0 FTE to create travel desk, primary duties to include making travel arrangements for all library staff and processing reimbursement requests.
  • Reallocate .5 FTE to assist with Library Web design. (See Web Resources).
  • Technical Services staff reviews indicated minor duplication with Library Business Office functions in Innopac processing.
  • Consider additional review of personnel classifications outside the administrative series (e.g., library assistants, librarians, etc.) to determine time spent performing administrative functions throughout the Library.
  • Salary Savings: n/a n/a
    Potential Reallocations: 2.5 FTE $62,500
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