Administrative Services Task Force 1997-98

Library Human Resources Department

Library Human Resources Department provides services to management and staff in the areas of benefits administration and counseling, classification and salary administration, career counseling, complaint processing, compensation, employee and labor relations consultation, personnel records management, policy development and interpretation, recruitment and selection, temporary and permanent placement, training, union relations, conflict resolution, employee assistance, employee orientation, policy interpretation, and training and development.

LHRD staffing level remains constant at 6.5 FTE since the original 1995 Administrative Task Force Review. In addition, all efficiencies recommended in the original report have been completed.

New efficiencies are recommended in conjunction with LBO: the revamp and automation of employee/payroll databases; implementation of automated time-keeping systems; the development of an automated leave module; LHRD/LBO shared access to a singular database; replacement of manual and paper processing with automated systems; elimination of paper copying, filing, and distributions; and the elimination of duplicate processing, keying, input and filing systems between LHRD and LBO.

The task force has reviewed positions outside Administrative Services performing similar or duplicate services as those done centrally. Resultant recommendations include the elimination of duplicate record keeping and file maintenance and scale back duplicate personnel files and record keeping done in individual units (for example, eliminate salary, merit date, worker’s compensation tracking). Eventually, with appropriate systems support and software design, LHRD could send out monthly electronic reports with current status data on class, salary, evaluation due dates, merit dates, leaving minimal local records to be maintained (personal memos, current leave usage, performance evaluations).

Other recommendations include efficiencies created by the Library supporting Meeting Maker software for calendar/scheduling throughout the Library, a central travel desk, and voice mail for LHRD. Adoption of any or all of these would create efficiencies in LHRD but not decrease personnel costs this year.

Given the target of decreasing personnel costs and with no retirements or resignations pending, and no layoffs, the remaining option would be to reallocate FTE to reengineered central functions. While no specific recommendation is set forth as to amount of FTE or level, accommodations could be made by the transfer of 1.0 FTE Administrative Assistant or Analyst.

Salary Savings: n/a n/a
Potential Reallocations: 1.0 FTE  $25,000
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