Administrative Services Task Force 1997-98

Development Office

The Library Development Office (LDO) directs the Library’s fundraising activities, including activities related to the Bancroft Library and its disparate programs. LDO activities include annual funds, major gift programs, planned giving, development of grants, publications, events management and public relations. The Library’s database includes approximately 17,000 alumni, community library users and others interested in books, publishing and information technology. Approximately 4,000 are active annual donors. Normally the Library raises more than $5.5 million per year.

A featured priority of the University’s capital campaign, the Library’s goals include raising $25 million in endowed and expendable funds to support collections. Other campaign priorities include new facilities for the East Asian Library, the Music Library, and an initiative to support multimedia information initiatives.

LDO is directed by a .90 FTE MAP grade 2, with a staff of a 1.00 FTE Development Assistant, a 1.00 FTE Principal Administrative Analyst (annual fund director), and a 1.00 FTE Administrative Analyst (major gifts officer). As a revenue-generating unit, its budget allocation is drawn primarily from unrestricted annual funds that it raises.

Though the LDO organizes and supervises most of the fundraising operations in the Library, there is ongoing outreach accomplished as well by staff and volunteers of the Regional Oral History Office, the Mark Twain Project and the Friends of the Bancroft Library. In the interest of avoiding redundant activities, as well as adhering to the University’s Solicitation Policy, the LDO must be informed of any fundraising undertaken on behalf of the Library. As well, often the LDO staff can make constructive and useful suggestions for improving or streamlining activities.

In summer 1995, the LDO took over the bookkeeping, accounting and fundraising operations of the Friends of the Bancroft Library. This has proved a successful step forward and has eliminated duplication, streamlined direct mail operations and has resulted in increased receipts for the Bancroft. The Bancroft Friends support these efforts by an annual payment of $25,000.

No recommendations were forthcoming from LDO.

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