Administrative Services Task Force 1997-98

Library Business Office

The Library Business Office (LBO) provides centralized general accounting, contracts and grants management, payroll, travel, accounts payable, purchasing and business functions including budgeting for the entire Library system. The unit processes substantially all financial transactions for the Library totaling $19 million annually (19900 and non-19900). This includes $15 million in 19900 salaries of which $2.2 million is General Assistance, plus $2.9 million in non-salary and $1.2 million in recharges (primarily interdepartmental transfers).

It is also responsible for the management of all LAUC-B funds including the preparation of all LAUC-B travel and cost reimbursements for Librarians and Affiliated Librarians. LBO acts as liaison between the Library and campus and system wide departments. LBO's current staffing consists of seven FTE costing approximately $243,500 annually.

The following are possible recommendations that will, if approved, be phased in over a three-year period. Many of the recommendations will not constitute actual FTE savings but will be realized as savings in efficiencies and enhanced service to Library customers.

  • Automated time keeping system will cost approximately $60,000 up front. This request is being submitted to the Chancellor for funding. FTE savings will be realized after implementation. (See Attachment B (html, pdf) chart of administrative functions timekeeping.)

  • Establish a payroll/personnel records unit. Consolidate (career, students and temps) payroll functions currently performed by staff in HRD and LBO into a new sub-unit to eliminate duplicative work, files and 3 x 5 cards that have identical information typed on the Personnel Action Forms (PAF). The recruiting, hiring and employment functions for career, temporary and student employees would remain in HRD. Once hired, the new hire packet which includes all employment forms would be routed to the new sub-unit to prepare the PAF, enter data into the database (to be developed) and handle payroll functions and related adjustments to PAFs, hourly rates, etc. The sub-unit would require a minimum of 1.5 FTE, reallocation of .5 FTE from LBO and 1.0 FTE from LHRD. The savings would be seen in more efficient use of staff time for higher level priorities by reducing the time spent xeroxing, typing 3 x 5 cards, and filing duplicate PAFs. The information would be keyed in and maintained by authorized staff in a shared on-line database, and the sub-unit would be the repository of official payroll/personnel records.
  • (-) 0.50 fte $12,500
  • Create a student database on ACCESS or a sub database of the career employee database currently under construction. Provide LHRD and LBO staff input to the design and data elements required.
  • (-) 0.25 fte $6,250
  • Create and mount on-line forms in LBO. (Forms are currently in the design and preparation stage for mounting on the Library web.) Check requests, travel vouchers, supply orders would be completed on-line. Check requests and travel vouchers would be completed in LBO, then e-mailed as attachments for printing and signature by requesting staff. Requesters would attach documentation to the signed form, and return to LBO for authorization and forwarding to Disbursements. Supply orders would be created on-line by requesting unit/department, printed, authorized by department head or AUL, then forwarded to the LBO Purchasing office.
  • (-) 0.50 fte $12,500
  • Use a query tool, Brio to download the campus General Ledger from Berkeley Information System (BIS) for distribution to managers via e-mail. This will reduce FTE costs of photocopying and distributing multiple copies of the General Ledger in addition to providing expense information more expeditiously at the department level. Data can be downloaded monthly as an Excel file. The Brio software has been purchased, and applications for key staff for BIS access are in progress.
  • (-) 0.10 fte $2,500
  • Automate the leave reporting function by e-mailing staff leave reports to supervisors for distribution monthly. Create on-line reporting of leave, electronic authorization by supervisor and download into leave-keeping program. Probably will be created in ACCESS as subset of the employee database, requiring further analysis by Systems.
  • (-) 0.50 fte $12,500
  • Mount monthly General Assistance, Monthly Expense Summary (MIPS), and General Ledger reports on LBO Web site and e-mail them to AULs, supervisors, and managers.
  • (-) 1.0 fte $25,000
  • Centralize the contracts and grants function in LBO. (See Attachment B (html, pdf) chart of administrative functions accounting/grants.)
  • Centralize travel procedures into the duties of one FTE position. The key duties would include making travel arrangements for all library staff and processing reimbursement requests. (See Attachment B (html, pdf) chart of administrative functions travel.)
  • Give LBO staff on-line access to Central Accounts Payable (CAP) system to reduce preparation of UFINs (internal funds transfer requests) and make corrections to expenditures prior to General Ledger distribution.
  • (-) 0.10 fte $2,500
  • Create additional interfaces to campus systems. Currently, LBO submits GA payroll electronically via Time-Sharing Option (TSO), which is an interface to Central System Payroll (CSP), the campus payroll, through the operations system Ironwood. Future plans would allow data from payroll to upload to LBO office to eliminate processing of late time pay adjustment (LX), negative adjustment of payroll (RX), and additional payroll (AP) forms. In addition, an automated time keeping system (when installed) would download tapes in ASCII format to payroll system, eliminating timecard punching and recording at campus level.
  • (-) 1.0 fte $25,000
    Salary Savings: n/a n/a
    Potential Reallocations: 3.95 FTE $98,750
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