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Task Force Report
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Executive Summary

The task force has identified expense reductions in recurring salary commitments implemented to effect actual savings in the base budget for FY 1997-98. Most savings thereafter could be realized through increased efficiencies. (See Summary of 1998 Recommendations (html file), (pdf file)

Surveys and interviews in selected Library units highlighted common administrative functions across units, which are ripe for re-engineering through consolidation, centralization, or improved use of technology. (See Attachment B (html file), (pdf file)). Staff time saved as a result of improved processes could be reallocated to deliver higher level functions, fill increased needs created in other areas, or compensate for attrition as vacancies occur. We have attempted to quantify the value of our recommended efficiencies using conservative estimates of time spent on each function and base salary calculations. At best, we have provided a current snapshot of activities in the administrative series. We have left out administrative tasks performed throughout the Library by staff in non-administrative classifications. Therefore, we also suggest that LPG consider a similar review of these functions.

Throughout this document, we have recommended improved use of technology, which will require a commitment of systems resources and on-going staff training for successful implementation of the new processes. We hope this information will serve as a useful planning tool for Library administration.

April 30, 1998

Brenda Krell, Chair
Task Force Members:
Jeanne Fong, Cynthia Hoffman, Wendy Miyasaki,
Kay Starkweather, Elise Woods, and Fred Yasaki


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