Administrative Services Task Force 1997-98

The Charge:

The Administrative Services Task Force 1997-98 was charged to review the Library’s administrative services infrastructure for opportunities to streamline operations to speed up processes and reduce costs. Our goals were to identify recurring expense reductions of at least $50,000 for 1997-98, and submit specific re-engineering ideas and methodology for meeting target cuts in 1998-99 and 1999-2000, the equivalent of 3% savings per year for each budget period.
We began our task with a look back at the work done in March 1995, by the Administrative Services Strategic Planning Implementation Team, chaired by Jeanne Fong. Many recommendations made by the earlier group have been implemented. (See Attachment A.) Some recommendations were before their time, in that technology was not available throughout the Library for implementation. We have put forward those suggestions we feel are still relevant given today’s technology, along with some new ideas for improved efficiencies and effectiveness throughout the Library. (See Summary of 1998 Recommendations (html file), (pdf file)).
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