Summary of The Blue Ribbon Committee Final Report


of the Blue Ribbon Committee on Library Final Report,

The Report of the External Advisors on the Library, and

The Senate Committee on the Library Response to the BRC Final Report


Submitted by
Katie Frohmberg, Barbara Kornstein, Ralph Moon, Andrea Sevetson, and Allan Urbanic

August 10, 1998


The executive summary of the The Blue Ribbon Committee (BRC) Final Report lists two overarching recommendations (echoed with slightly different emphases in the Senate Committee on the Library's response) to the Library and the Berkeley campus:

The members of the reviewing team believe these documents reveal two other important desires on the part of their authors: Specific goals mentioned in the reports, along with recommended actions to achieve them, are listed below. Most of these address one of the four concerns mentioned above. Inevitably, however, some of the suggestions made in the three reports did not clearly fit into our categorization. These have been included at the end of the report in a section labeled "Miscellaneous Recommendations." The members of the review team also found some inconsistencies among the recommendations and qualifications expressed in regard to them, which it was decided to place in sections labeled "Concerns and Comments."

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Increase Library collections and operations budgets in order to support Library’s designated mission.

Concerns and Comments

Develop sustainable collections and operations budget models that "[m]inimize [the] impact of inflation and demand for services, equipment, and materials."

Concerns and Comments

Achieve the most effective use of current and future Library funds

Concerns and Comments

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Improve communication between the Library and the campus, especially the faculty and student users of the Library.

Concerns and Comments

Recruit a highly qualified UL, and give him or her the authority and backing to create and enact library policies in his/her opinion to be the best for the institution.

Concerns and Comments

Raise Library staff morale, taking serious steps to renew a sense of community and common purpose in the Library, within those areas where this sense has been eroded.

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Pursue an explicit strategy of ownership and access

Concerns and Comments

Improve and maintain access to print collections.

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