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Administrative Services


Report of the Administrative Services Council Xerox Review Task Force

Briefings / Overviews / External Reviews


Scholarly Communication: Conversations with UC Faculty Editors
A summary of discussions held with UCB and UCLA faculty editors to explore attitudes toward changes in scholarly communication. In particular, potential roles for the University in this area were discussed.


Issue Briefing for the Senate Committee on Library
Millicent D. Abell, former Interim University Librarian


Blue Ribbon Committee on the Library, Office of the Vice Chancellor and Provost

  • Charge
  • Final Report(The Final Report is an 88K PDF File)
  • Senate Library Committee's response to Blue Ribbon Committee Final Report (hardcopy available in the Librarian's Office)
  • Summary of the Blue Ribbon Committee on Library Final Report; Report of the External Advisors on the Library; and the Senate Library Committee's Response.
    by Katie Frohmberg, Barbara Kornstein, Ralph Moon, Andrea Sevetson, and Allan Urbanic


The UC Berkeley Library in the 1990s: A Progress Report
Describes progress made on goals delineated in the planning document "Strategic Principles and Objectives — 1995" listed below.


The University Library
Peter Lyman, former University Librarian
A three-page document written to introduce incoming Chancellor Robert Berdahl to the state of The Library


Strategic Principles and Objectives for The Library Budget Planning Process
Peter Lyman, former University Librarian
Defines the strategic principles and goals guiding Library budget planning 1995-1998.



Budget Request 2001/02


GA Budget Study Group
Units' 1999/2000 budgets adjusted per Study Group's recommendations.


Administrative Services Task Force Report
Recommendations to reduce budgetary expenses in Administrative Services.


Call for Proposals: One-time Investments to Improve Library Operations.
Library Planning Group — October 8, 1998


University Library Budget Request FY 1998-1999
Peter Lyman, former University Librarian


Library Budget Planning 1998 to 2000
Michael Rancer, Director of Financial Planning and Administration


1997/1998 Budget, Reports and Historical Trends


Budget Analysis — Problem Statement
Michael Rancer, Director of Financial Planning and Administration
This document summarizes and analyzes the elements contributing to The Library's budgetary problems.



Data Acquisition and Access Pilot Program Report, August 2016


Restricted Use Data Task Force Report, September 2014


Report of the University of California, Berkeley Library Task Force on Backlogs, January 2002


The Benefits of Additional Library Collection Funds
Alan Ritch, AUL and Director for Collections
with Appendix and Additional Faculty Comments (received after the report was submitted) [pdf files].


Status Report on $250,000 FY 1997 Digital Library Allocation
Peter Lyman, former University Librarian
Report, with Attachments, to Carol Christ, The Vice Chancellor and Provost.(Note: See also Cooperative Collecting: Report to the Blue Ribbon Committee, which summarizes the history and current state of Berkeley's collaborative collection deveopment activities and arrangements.


Strategic Planning for Library Collections: Three Year Scenario
Peter Lyman, former University Librarian — October 1996.
This short document offers some strategies for managing the collections budget with temporary augmentations from Campus Administration.


Strategic Planning for Library Collections and Information Resources
Peter Lyman, former University Librarian
Discusses changes in scholarly communication that impact collections, and asks questions about strategic options for expending The Library's collections budget.

Digital Library / Systems


Digital and Collaborative Services - 2013/2014 Annual Report and 2015/2016 Strategic Priorities


Web Services Review Team (WSRT) Final Report


Pathfinder Review Committee Final Report with Appendices A, B, C, D, E, F, G


Public Electronic Access Systems (PEAS) Committee Final Report


Berkeley's MELVYL RFP Team
CDL used input from campuses to select ALEPH 500 by ExLibris for MELVYL support


Task Force on Gladis and the Affiliated Libraries
The recommendations of the Task Force on GLADIS and the Affiliated Libraries were endorsed by Public Services Council and Cabinet and sent to Library Systems Office (LSO) for analysis. It now appears that the new MELVYL system may provide enough functionality to replace GLADIS OPAC and Pathfinder. Given the significant cost and time it would take to load the Affiliated Library records into GLADIS and the fact that the new MELVYL system is scheduled to be operational February 2002, Cabinet decided to postpone loading the affiliated records in GLADIS until the capabilities of the new MELVYL system are better understood.


E-mail Circulation Notices Task Force Highlights and Report and Recommendations


Digital Library Advisory Committee - Final Report
(pdf file) (html file)


Recommendations, Pathfinder II Task Force


Science, Technology and Industry Survey
Survey undertaken at Berkeley to help Califoranit Digital Library assess what titles to license to "launch" the UC Digital Library Collection.


A Digital Library Progress Report with a Look to the Future: January 1995 — January 1998
Bernard Hurley, Library Chief Scientist



The Doe Staff Lounge (Doe 405) was rennovated and reopened May 28, 2001. Renovation of the Moffitt Lounge (301 Moffitt) was completed September 7, 2001.


Moffitt Security Task Force Recommendations


Doe Construction Overview , 1911 through 1999


Doe/Moffitt/Bancroft Strategic Plan: Program and Facilities December 12,1997 and Update: September 29, 1998
Susan Rosenblatt, Deputy University Librarian
Report and Update presented to the Space Assignments and Capital Improvements Committee. Includes links to documents describing specific projects within the overall plan.


Chronology of Library Facilities Projects
Fred Yasaki, Library Architect


Strategic Planning: Library Facilities and Space
Susan Rosenblatt, Deputy University Librarian
A draft document for use in discussions with campus space planning groups. This paper raises a series of questions to aid planners in looking at library spaces strategically in connection with seismic projects.


Campus Seismic Upgrading and Reconfiguration of Library Spaces: An Opportunity for Enhanced Services
Barbara Kornstein, AUL for Social Sciences
A "think-piece" related to seismic upgrade planning

Human Resources


Susan Wong is appointed as Director of Library Human Resources.
related documents
*Advisory Group on the Director, Library Human Resources Department formed and charged (October 2000)
* Report of the Committee to Review the Job of Library Human Resources Director submitted November 2000.


Organizational Development Committee
*created January 2001, at close of OCC, as a subcommittee of Cabinet. OrgDev developed, sponsored and produced a number of projects intended to improve the work environment, based on input from Library staff.
* put on hiatus June 2002
* formally disbanded April 2003.
*To be replaced by the Advisory Committee to LHRD.


Report of the Task Force on Reclass Policy and Procedures
*Charge to the Task Force
* Revised Charge to the Classification Committee, July 27, 2002


Job Stress/Satisfaction Survey #2


OCC Final Report, January 2001.
OCC facilitated a library-wide process to develop:
* Library Statement of Purpose
* Library Statement of Values
* Ideas for Action
* Recommendations for ongoing organizational renewal Cabinet adopted the above products and created an ongoing Cabinet Subcommittee on Organizational Development


Merit Bonus Program
Incentive Award Program nominations were reviewed and awarded per the recommendations of this group.


Job Stress/Satisfaction Survey #1


Customer Service Task Force Report


Library Student Employment Task Force, Report and Recommendations and Summary Results


A Strategy for Library Management
Peter Lyman, former University Librarian
Background and principles governing The Library's administrative structure 1996-1999.


Library's Strategic Goals, 1995-97

Public Services


Universal Paging Task Force Report December 20, 2013
Library Administration has accepted their report and endorsed their continued work to implement this service.


Library Publications Working Group Report and Recommendations 2004
Cabinet approved this report in June 2004 and implementation began in August 2004.


Reserves Task Force


User Survey Final Report
This website, begun in January 2002, organizes faculty and graduate student input on Library service quality and documents both the process for and results of the Fall 2000 Library User Survey at the University of California, Berkeley.


Indexing Features on Pathfinder


Library Public Electronic Access Systems (PEAS)


Proxy Service Task Force
Report and Recommendations

Spring 1999

The Excellence in Public Services Task Force, formed by the Public Services committee, Final Report
Resulted in Goals for Circulation Services

Spring 1999

LAUC-B Public Service Task Force Public Service Priorities
Planning document reviewed regularly by the Public Service Council


Public Services Staffing Analysis Task Force Report


Library Service Priority Program (LSPP)

Technical Services


Technical Services Review (TSR) — Final Report


Task Force on Backlogs


Task Force, Deleting UCB holdings from OCLC and RLIN — charge and Report

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