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Integrated Library System Steering Committee

ILSSC was disbanded 9/14

Proposed revision 7/8/09 based on conversation with Advisory; revised 7/9/09 by ILS Implementation; revised 7/14/09 by New Processes; Discussed with Round Table 7/23/09; Charge revised by Admin on 6/6/11

Charge: (as of 6/6/11)

The Integrated Library System Steering Committee convenes to maintain and develop the Millennium Integrated Library System for patron discovery and fulfillment, and for efficiency in ILS supported processes. It is convened by and is advisory to the ILS Manager.

The Integrated Library System Steering Committee:

  • Receives requests for changes to or development of our Millennium ILS
  • Researches, vets, decides, and publicizes changes that are procedural in nature
  • Researches and refers to Admin for Admin to vet, decide, and publicize policy or other changes that have large public service impact, significant cross unit impact, or that require additional resources.
  • Refers OPAC related requests to the Web Advisory Group for WAG to vet, decide, and publicize.
  • Refers bibliographic cataloging issues to the Cataloging and Metadata Council for Cataloging and Metadata Council to vet, decide, and publicize.
  • Charges small short term teams to design/evaluate specific processes
  • Following Systems Office "first pass", evaluates III software upgrades for configuration options setting, impact, and communication of changes.
  • Coordinates voting in annual Innovative Users Group enhancement requests selection.
  • Coordinates training and authorizations with ongoing support of the Training Working Group. Determines basic training needs and coordinates that training, refers additional training needs to appropriate AUL/director or to Admin.
  • Coordinates documentation and maintains documentation repository, including training materials. Identify documentation needs and solicit staff functional experts to create documentation with supervisory approval. If gaps remain, refer to appropriate AUL/director or to Admin.
  • Function as liaison to each module lead/authorizer.
  • Consults widely with library committees and staff to ensure the best decisions are being made in areas that fall within the scope of this charge.

8+ members to include ideally two representatives of:
Cataloging/serials modules, Circulation module, Acquisitions/ERM modules, public services/Web Advisory Group. Although impossible to include all categories in one working size group, try to include where possible representatives from participating affiliated libraries, self-cataloging units, Doe/Moffitt, Subject Specialty Libraries, and NRLF.

1 year term.

Steven Moody, ILS Manager




Term ends

Liaison to

Barbara Cormack

Acquisitions Department - Electronic Resource Unit


Manuel Erviti

Music Library - Public Services


Arts and Humanities Council

Richard Estrada

Acquisitions Department - Ordering Unit


Public Services Council

Jianye He

East Asian Library - Librarian for Chinese Collections


Arts and Humanities Council

Jenna Kreiss-Winterberger

Optometry Library/Earth Sciences and Map Library


Mark Marrow

Doe and Moffitt Libraries - Course Reserves


Public Services Council

Michael Meacham

Catalog Department - Serials Cataloging Division


Scott Peterson

Doe and Moffitt Libraries - Research and Collections for Humanities and Social Sciences - Graduate Services and Morrison Library


Public Services Council

Peter Soriano

Chief Operations Manager, Engineering & Physical Sciences Division


Victoria Sours

NRLF - Deposit Services


Meeting schedule:
3rd Thursday each month at 1pm in 289 Doe Annex (LSO/LAP conference room)

E-mail list:

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