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Educational Initiatives Council

Disbanded July 2012

The Educational Initiatives Council advises the AUL for Educational Initiatives on policies, programs, and resources related to advancing the Library's educational and outreach role. The Council, with representatives from multiple library units, provides an important communication link necessary for coordination, collaboration, and continuing education across libraries and disciplines on all issues related to teaching and learning.

The Educational Initiatives Council is advisory to the AUL for Educational Initiatives in areas such as:

  • Library instructor development, evaluation and support
  • Library Liaison role focused on teaching and learning issues
  • Engagement of undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty
  • Support for campus teachers (faculty, lecturers, graduate student instructors)
  • Instructional materials and learning objects
  • Copyright related to teaching and learning issues
  • Assessment and statistics
  • Integration with campus systems such as bSpace
  • Virtual teaching and learning spaces
  • Physical teaching and learning spaces
  • Educational technologies
  • Library exhibits, exhibitions, showcasing student work
  • Course-related (faculty-identified and student-created) materials
  • Campus-wide educational initiatives and programs
  • Models for curricular and departmental support for courses and curriculum
  • Partnerships with campus units (faculty development, service learning, student athletes, writing, etc)
  • Partnerships and outreach beyond campus (alums, schools, museums, etc)

The Educational Initiatives Council is one of five function councils within the Library. It conducts business in open meetings and the discussion topics and decisions are recorded in minutes which are distributed to the library staff in a timely manner. Depending on the nature of the issue, input may be gathered from other venues such as Subject Councils, Roundtable, Cabinet, or the Administrative Group.

Members are drawn from the membership of the library-wide instruct@lists, seeking a mix of representation for arts and humanities, social sciences, area studies, sciences and engineering, as well as from the various types of libraries in the organization. The Head of Doe/Moffitt Instructional Services will be a permanent member; other permanent members may be considered as needed. A representative from one of the Library's campus partners will be invited to serve as an ex-officio member of the Council. Terms on the council will be two years.

Elizabeth Dupuis, AUL for Educational Initiatives and Director, Doe/Moffitt

Appointees are selected from volunteers responding to a call for members from instruct@lists.

Current members are:
Michaelyn Burnettte (Humanities and Social Sciences, Doe/Moffitt), 2010-2012
Harrison Dekker (Data Lab, Humanities and Social Sciences, Doe/Moffitt), 2011-2013
Jennifer Dorner (Doe/Moffitt, Head of Instructional Services), ex officio
Lynne Grigsby (Library Systems Office), ex officio
Cody Hennesy (Instruction and User Services, Doe/Moffitt), continuous appointment
Lynn Jones (Instruction and User Services, Doe/Moffitt), 2010-2012
Brian Light (Education/Psychology), 2011-2013
Jeffery Loo (Chemistry and LBNL), 2010-2012
Elliott Smith (Bioscience and Natural Resources), 2011-2013
Jack von Euw (Bancroft), 2011-2013

Meeting schedule:
Generally the 1st Tuesday of each month, 1:30 - 2:30pm, Room 251 Doe Library.

E-mail list:

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