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Computers with access to library resources and the Internet are available in all campus libraries. Priority for use is given to UCB students, faculty, and staff doing research. Information about use privileges and responsibilities is available via the Library Computer Use Policy and the UC Berkeley Computer Use Policy.

  • Full access is provided for UCB students, faculty and staff (requires CalNet ID )
  • Research access is available to all (includes catalogs and licensed resources, as well as websites in the .edu, .gov, and .org domains) [ details ]

Workstations are equipped for sound and compatible with standard headphones using mini-plug jacks. You are encouraged to bring headphones for your audio needs (some libraries loan them at their circulation desks). For information on assistive technology see Library Resources for Persons with Disabilities.

E-mail may be available in one of several ways:

  • Personal e-mail accounts (users with Full Internet access and everyone with an account hosted on a .edu, .gov, or .org domain)
  • E-mailing features are often provided by libarary resources for sending results (all users)
  • Desktop e-mail applications, such as Outlook Express, are not available
  • When e-mail is not accessible, downloading is possible

Printing and Scanning are available from library computers and bookscan stations throughout the UCB libraries. Printing requires payment via the Cal 1 Card system. For details and costs, see the Library printing and scanning page. The Moffitt Library houses a full service Copy Center, which provides expanded copy services and alternate payment options.

Downloading is enabled to USB drives.

  • USB Drive icon on the desktop allows access to your drive, to verify data saved and to print (read only mode, data editing is not possible)
  • Use Eject USB Device icon on the desktop to safely remove your drive
  • USB drives can be purchased at the Moffitt Copy Center (Moffitt Library, Third Floor, Room 321 | 510/643-7427)

Word processing and other desktop applications are available on the 3rd floor of the Moffitt Library and at all campus' computer labs (both locations require CalNet ID). The largest computer lab is the Moffitt Microcomputer Facility (printers, scanners, and various assistive technology are available).

The Library Data Lab (UCB students, faculty, and staff) is available for the specific purpose of numeric data research. Workstations have a variety of data analysis and GIS software.

Wi-Fi and DHCP connection to the campus network is available for UCB students, faculty, and staff (note exceptions below):

AirBears is the campus wireless network (coverage | setup instructions, use requires a CalNet ID)

  • Official visiting scholars and campus affiliates may request CalNet IDs or AirBears guest accounts from their sponsoring department
  • The Cal Alumni Association provides temporary AirBears accounts for members (contact Alumni House for details)
  • The Library does not provide CalNet IDs or AirBears guest accounts

AirBears2 is a campus wireless network that provides simplified authentication and improved confidentiality for data transfer (requires a CalNet ID, no guest accounts, coverage is similar to AirBears). In order to use AirBears2, users must first generate an AirBears2 key.

DHCP Service: Some libraries offer a wired connection to the campus network (via network jacks). Use of this method requires you first register and configure your machine to use the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol service.

Network technical support for the AirBears | AirBears2 | DHCP services is available:

  • Student Computer Consulting Service (walk-in basis or by appointment)
  • Faculty and staff can contact Campus Shared Services (phone: 510-664-9000 > select 1 for IT support > select 1 for telephone and network support > select 2 for data and netwok support)
  • Campus posting of known network issues or outages

Off-campus access to library databases and online resources is available for UCB students, faculty and staff (see Connecting from Off Campus ).

Information for specific libraries and their resources may often be obtained via that library's website. Look for information about the facility, its services, or equipment. Alternately, call that library for details (use the preceding link to access a library's hours, then follow the associated Map/Info link for the address/phone number).


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