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Volume 54, Number 43, 29 October 1998
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Tim Hoyer Wins Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award
A Fond Farewell to Retiring Nancy Axelrod
Steve Kobayashi Moves Up to Space Sciences
Rare EAL Book Translated and Reprinted
LHRD and LBO Make Plans for Holiday Party
Funds Available to Attend CLA Support Staff Sunday

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Tim Hoyer Wins Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award

I am delighted to announce that Tim Hoyer, Head of Bancroft Technical Services, was one of eleven individuals campus-wide to win the 1998 Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award.

Tim's citation reads as follows:

Tim Hoyer, presently the Head of Bancroft Technical Services, began his long career in Bancroft in what was then called the Catalog Division in 1972, eventually heading up its copy cataloging unit. In the 1980s, after the shift to computer produced catalog cards and the eventual closing of the Library's card catalogs, Tim conceived and managed a plan to accomplish a retrospective conver sion of Bancroft's entire card file of printed materials. Tim was a forceful advocate for the special needs of Bancroft's cataloging as it merged into the general library's on-line cataloging system.

This was the beginning of Tim's work with computer-based access to library collections. Tim's next project was to carry out a similar conversion for the card file of the manuscript collections. Tim secured grant funding for this three-year project, which included not only the actual conversion of catalog records, but also a complete physical survey of the collections, allowing us for the first time a comprehensive look at their conservation needs. The third cataloging project Tim led was the cataloging and physical survey of Bancroft's pictorial collections, a very complex project made much more difficult because there were almost no extant catalog records to start with.

Tim was one of the first people to see the need for standards in order to put archival finding aids on the web. At a national level, Tim became involved in the development of the Encoded Archival Description, which has now been adopted by the Library of Congress as a national standard for the machine-readable description of archival collections and serves as the basis for the University's Online Archive of California.

Further grant writing on his part brought us funds to enhance Berkeley's reputation for well-designed and managed computerization projects: the California Heritage project to digitize and mount 25,000 images; the Finding Aids project to mount the entire UC system's finding aids for manuscript and other collections on the web; the project to inventory and digitize the Robert B. Honeyman Western Americana Pictorial Collection; Berkeley's portion of the Advanced Papyrological Information System project, involving the Tebtunis Papyrus Collection. He also successfully sought funding to create a finding aid for the 400,000 negatives of the San Francisco Call newspaper's photographic morgue.

It is difficult to convey the energy which Tim has put in to these various projects and into making Bancroft what it is today. He has a profound commitment to Bancroft's mission, to make its collections available to as many people in as many ways as is technologically possible. Tim's vision has enabled Bancroft to remain at the forefront of technological innovation and in the creation of standards so that such innovation can benefit scholars and researchers here at Berkeley as well as elsewhere. His tireless persistence in pursuing these goals has had a profoundly beneficial effect for Bancroft staff and patrons alike."

For more than twenty-five years Tim has made Bancroft and the University better through his intelligence and energy.

­ Charles Faulhaber
Director, The Bancroft Library

A Fond Farewell to Retiring Nancy Axelrod

As many of you know, Nancy Axelrod is retiring on Friday, Oct. 30, 1998, after nearly 31 years on campus (not counting her undergraduate days!) Undoubtedly Nancy could not have predicted, when she first started in 1967 as a student clerk at the Library School Library working with Virginia Pratt, that libraries would play such an important role in her life. After a brief hiatus at the Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics (no longer on campus), Nancy was hired again in the Library on Oct. 26, 1986. She was a member of the English Language Section, Bibliographic Division of the Acquisition Department and much of what she learned there she was able to utilize in future positions. Throughout her career, Nancy took on many new responsibilities and challenges but always with a genuine commitment to service and a quality collection. She took on an active role on CMDC, and was noted for her fight to include binding in budget decisions.

When she came to the Entomology Library in September 1982, Nancy was confronted with a collection that was in a state of disarray but she took that as a cause – to make sense of the multitude of catalogs, shelves of reprints and pamphlets, as well as an extraordinary collection of beautiful and rare materials. Staff and faculty in the Entomology Department marveled at the changes, and often referred to the "cleaner, brighter atmosphere" and the accessibility of previously hidden treasures. But then Nancy found herself faced with yet another challenge several years later, having to plan for the merger with Biology and Natural Resources and the move to VLSB. She had become so attached to the collection that she had to overcome her reluctance to store, withdraw, or transfer to Bancroft, any materials at all.

In the new Bioscience and Natural Resources Library, Nancy thoroughly delighted in learning new fields of research, dealing with a variety of library users, and a seemingly endless array of new computers and systems.

We will definitely miss Nancy's wry and witty comments at staff meetings, her tales of her dog, a library legend in his own right, and of her adventures abroad. But we know that she's looking forward to the time she can spend with distant friends and family, and to the chance to indulge her love of opera, ballet and the theater, and not the least, the time she can spend "hanging out at cafes".

All our best wishes and a fond farewell.

­ Norma Kobzina,
for the staff of the Bioscience
and Natural Resources Library

Steve Kobayashi Moves Up to Space Sciences

After four successful years as a Purchasing Specialist for the Library, Steve is leaving to become a Buyer for the Space Sciences Lab. Since his arrival, Steve has made tremendous contributions to the Library's purchasing activities to include administering the Procard Program, managing the Library Storeroom, and taking responsibility for all telecommunications orders, to name but a few. During the last three months, Steve has assumed supervisory duties over all purchasing and accounts payable functions in the Library Business Office. He continually looks for areas which can be improved by technology and recently had the department linked to the Campus Equipment Management server to allow inventory updates through his computer workstation.

Steve's commitment to excellence and professionalism is evident in the positive working relationships he has developed with the large and diverse group of people who compose the Library. Steve is always willing to go the extra mile, and does it with humor and a positive attitude.

Steve's last day in the Library is October 30th, and we will truly miss him. Please join us in congratulating him on his successful promotion within the University System!

The Library Business Office Staff

Rare EAL Book Translated and Reprinted

For those interested in the history of manga and in comics in America, Henry Yoshitaka Kiyama's manga masterpiece, Manga Yonin Shosei (The Four Students Manga), has just been translated and republished in English by Stone Bridge Press in Berkeley. Retitled The Four Immigrants' Manga: A Japanese Experience in San Francisco, 1904-1924, it is the work of translator Fred Schodt, SF resident and a Japanese specialist; he also provided an extensive introduction and series of historical notes. The original is owned by East Asian Library.

Mr. Kiyama came to the United States in 1904 and lived in San Francisco off and on until 1937. He was a skilled artist, who studied at what is today known as the San Francisco Art Institute. Sometime around 1927, Kiyama created his own comic book in the style of American newspaper comic strips that were the rage early in the century; in February of that year, he included the art work for the book in a formal exhibit of his work in the City.

Autobiographical in format, and 104 pages in length, Kiyama's book documents his own bitter-sweet experiences as an Asian immigrant in San Francisco, and those of his friends. Unable to get his work published locally, he arranged for it to be printed in Japan, and then in 1931, he self-published and sold the book in hardback in San Francisco. It is interesting to note that New Fun Comics, often called the first true American comic book, was not published until 1935.

As one of the very first documentary comic books with all new material ever published in the United States, it should be of interest to scholars, and as a first-person account of the life of an immigrant, written for Japanese-American contemporaries, The Four Immigrants' Manga is a priceless resource for scholars of early Asian immigrant history. It is also a thoroughly modern, and very enjoyable story.

Fred Schodt will speak and show slides about Mr. Kiyama's work at the following times:

Thursday, October 29, 1998
6-8 pm
The Cartoon Art Museum, 814 Mission St., San Francisco
(2nd floor; cross street is 4th)

Co-sponsored by the Japan Society, this event costs $7 for members of either the Society or the Cartoon Art Museum, and $10 for non-members. For more information, contact the Japan Society at 415-986-4383, or at jsnc@us-japan.org
Advance reservations are encouraged, and checks should be sent to The Japan Society, 312 Sutter Street, Ste 410, San Francisco, CA 94108.

Tuesday, November 10, 1998
8 pm
UCSF Laurel Heights Campus (Old Firemen's Fund Building)
3333 California Street
San Francisco
(one block west of Presidio Avenue, enter across from Walnut St.)

Sponsored by the San Francisco Historical Society, this event is open to the public. For more information, please contact San Francisco Historical Society, P.O. Box 420569, San Francisco, CA 94142, Phone: 415-775-1111

LHRD and LBO Make Plans for Holiday Party

The Human Resources Department and Business Office are teaming up to deliver a delicious, fun-filled extravaganza for your holiday reveling. We will be contacting veteran volunteers and welcome new volunteers to assist us with decorations, libations, entertainment and menu planning. If you have a special recipe you'd be willing to prepare, we'll provide a space for you on the buffet table.

Let's make this celebration the best one ever to welcome our new University Librarian, Jerry Lowell! Please contact Elise Woods (ewoods@library) if you want to lend your expertise to this festive activity.

The Library Holiday party will be held on

December 18th
from 3-5 pm

Janice Dost

Elise Woods

Funds Available to Attend CLA Support Staff Sunday

The Staff Development Committee invites Library employees interested in attending the California State Library Association – Support Staff Sunday, which is being held in Oakland November 15th, to please take note:

If you are interested in being reimbursed for the $40 registration fee for attendance CLA Support Staff Sunday (and you have not used the allotment of SDC funding for this year), submit a request for Career Related Leave/Funding Support. For more information and the form, please visit the Staff Web.

The Staff Development Committee hopes to make it possible for all interested Library employees to attend the CLA annual meeting this year. For more information about the California Library Association and the conference, visit their website at:


­ Sheila J. Williams
Co-Chair for the Staff Development Committee

HR Alert

The following section is devoted to employment opportunities, merit and salary update information, awards, career training and development opportunities, and other Human Resources announcements. Current job postings are also listed below:

Library Human Resources News and Links

Management Development Programs to Accept Applications

Applications are now being accepted for participation in three campus management development programs: Leadership Development Program (new); Management Skills Assessment Program (May 2-7, 1999); and Professional Skills Assessment Program (March 21-26, 1999).

The new Leadership Development Program evolved from the Management Academy, and will offer employees an integrated approach to developing and strengthening core competencies necessary for managers to work effectively in our rapidly changing environment. Together, all three programs will become part of a strategic leadership and management curriculum designed to build leadership excellence for UC Berkeley's future.

See http://hrweb.berkeley.edu/EDTCATLG/DDldrshp.htm for more information about all three programs. Information and application materials are also available in LHRD.

­ Janice Dost
Director, Library Human Resourcess

Employee Development and Training

Upcoming EDT Classes: A Sampling

Support Group for African-American Women

Co-sponsored with the Staff Affirmative Action Office

Discuss how current issues, such as Proposition 209, as well as ongoing issues impact work and personal lives. In this support group, you will have the opportunity to dialogue with others sharing similar experiences, feelings and concerns. Pre-enrollment is required.

Facilitator: Dianne Rush Woods, LCSW, CARE Services Counselor

Schedule: Five one-hour sessions (12:15-1:15 pm)
November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Contact CARE Services, 3-7754

Dancing for Fitness Series: Salsa!

Increase your physical activity and get in a great, low-impact aerobic workout. No partner is required for these classes. For all interested UC Berkeley faculty and staff.

Instructor: Charlene Van Ness, MA, Cal FIT Program Instructor

November 6
251 Hearst Gym

No fee for Berkeley campus employees
For Information: Contact Health*Matters, 3-4646

EMail – Effective Use and Etiquette

Avoid the pitfalls of using email while taking the best advantage of this powerful communication vehicle. The instructor will discuss campus policy and use a video to prompt discussion about how to effectively build email into your life.

Instructor: Karen Eft, IST

November 11

Dealing with Difficult Situations and Behaviors in the Workplace

This workshop will help participants learn ways to analyze and deal with problematic situations, people, and personal styles in constructive ways. Co-sponsored by CARE Services and the Staff Ombuds Office.

Facilitator/Instructor: Dianne Rush Woods, CARE and Staff Ombuds Office

For: FacStaff
Nov. 13
10:00 am-4:30 pm

For information, call Staff Ombuds Office at 642-7823.

See other course offerings in the EDT Catalog: hashttp://hrweb.berkeley.edu/EDTCATLG/Cat98cal.htm

Library Employment Opportunities

Current vacancies for staff library positions are listed below. For further information contact LHRD or Berkeley Human Resources Employment Unit, located at 2200 University Avenue, Room 7G, Berkeley, CA 94720. See full job listings at:


10-511-50 PHYS LA II, 50%October 30, 1998
10-512-50CHEMLA IIIOctober 30, 1998
10-513-50TSLA IIIOctober 30, 1998
10-517-50LBO__ Asst. IIINovember 6, 1998
10-518-50ILSLA IIINovember 6, 1998


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