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CU News: Volume 54, Number 42, 22 October 1998

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The Wheels Turn in ILS
New Operations Manager in ENVI
The Library and the Goethe Institut-München Collaborate on Exhibit
Library Systems Office Staff Member in Print
Panel of Users to Discuss Library Experiences
Customer Service Training Task Force: Deadline for Nominations
Scholarly Publishing Symposium Registration Deadline Nears
Date Set for Cal Day 1999
New Addition to the Ronningen Family
Safety Tip: Exit and Report
Technical Services Note: CHECKMAI Email Address
HR Alert
  Library Human Resources News and Links
CSAC is Recruiting!
LBO and LHRD Begin Collaboration
  Employee Development and Training
Learn Healthy Computer Use
  Library Employment
Library Employment Opportunities

The Wheels Turn in ILS

Although mountain biking was not in the job descriptions, two of the four new staff members in Interlibrary Services separately brought this interest/skill/death wish to the Department. We have managed once again to steal some stellar staff from others:

We stole Nanda Perez from CSU Sacramento (otherwise known as Sac State) to replace Cathy Lu as workleader in the Interlibrary Lending Section of our Interlibrary Lending/Photoduplication Unit (ILL/P). Remember, Cathy recently took a position in the Anthropology Library. Nanda's experience at CSUS included Access Services and Acquisitions, with extensive experience using OCLC. In addition to enjoying mountain biking, Nanda is pleased to be able to get in some reading during her Bart commute from Walnut Creek, rather than having to drive an hour and a half each way.

Mark Taylor, formerly of the Interlibrary Loan Department of UC San Diego, replaces Jutta Wiemhoff who left us to return to the NRLF. Mark is the workleader in the Special Agreement Libraries Section (SAL) of ILL/P. In addition to mountain biking, Mark drives a motorcycle and has some very cool boots he sometimes wears, reminiscent of the Ratmobile in John Sayles' "Baby It's You." Check 'em out.

We are also very pleased to have Lucy McDonald as a career staff member in the Photoduplication Section of ILL/P. Lucy had worked with us as a temporary staff member before we were able to recruit for this permanent position. Lucy enjoys her cats and reading mystery novels. She has also just returned from a too-short (from her point of view) first trip to Hawaii with her astronomer-husband, and has posted some pretty neat photos of the caldera of Kilauea you might want to come by and take a look at.

Lastly, we are very pleased to have been able to hire Patrick Shannon in a temporary position which is split between SAL and Interlibrary Borrowing Services. You may have seen him around prior to the closing of EBSCOdoc services, for which he served as the on-site supervisor. He is helping while we recruit to replace Janet Talley, and as we prepare for the first phase of Patron-Initiated Requesting (more on that in subsequent issues).

Come by and say hi to our new folks, as well as the rest of us, of course!

– Charlotte C. Rubens
Head, Interlibrary Services

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New Operations Manager in ENVI

Please welcome Leesa Duby to the Environmental Design Library. Leesa is our new Operations Manager, replacing Rebecca Vesterfelt, who left in April for another job on campus.

Leesa has lived in the Bay Area for two years. Her previous experience includes Head of Access Services at the Nichols Library, University of Missouri, Kansas City; Technical Processing at University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Order Supervisor at Mount Holyoke College Library; Reserve Specialist at Hampshire College Library in Amherst; and Stacks Supervisor at Watson Library, University of Kansas, Lawrence. She also has a Master's in Library Science from Simmons, and a BA in Art History and Women's Studies.

Leesa's phone is 3-7222 and her e-mail is lduby@library.

I would like to thank Agnes Concepcion for her herculean efforts as Acting Operations Manager while also managing Circulation and Reserves during this vacancy.

– Elizabeth Byrne
Environmental Design Library

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The Library and the Goethe Institut-München Collaborate on Exhibit




Shared Custody From mid-October to mid-December 1998, Doe Library's second floor corridor will be the scene of an extensive pictorial and text exhibit focussing on social and family issues in today's Germany. At present, the opinions of "ordinary" Germans regarding the role of society are quite divergent, and they are radically different from the social norms established 20 or even 10 years ago. In order to provide the world community a window through which to view the ongoing changes in contemporary German society, the Goethe Institut-München is sponsoring, in co-operation with the Goethe Institut-San Francisco and the UC Berkeley Library, the exhibition of Eigenes Leben: Ausflüge in die unbekannte Gesellschaft, in der wir leben (Tr. A Life of One's Own: Journeys into the Unknown Society in Which We Live.)


The exhibit opens with an introduction by sociologist Ulrich Beck, who provides an overview of the process of self-identification. The attempt of Germans from a variety of backgrounds to comes to terms with their identities and roles in society is then probed through 27 powerful portraits with text. The Eigenes Leben exhibit is currently on display on the second floor of the Doe Library through mid-December. This is the only scheduled US stop for the Exhibit, which will travel next to Vancouver and then to Prague, Moscow, Athens, Johannesburg and Hong Kong.

Bike Messenger





– James H. Spohrer
Librarian for the Germanic Collections
and AUL, Humanities & Area Studies

Editor's note: Thank you to Kirk Hastings,
Systems Office, for scanning the above photos.

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Library Systems Office Staff Member in Print

Jerry McDonough is co-author of the recently released "Standardized Handling of Networked Resources," an annotated bibliography sponsored by the Networked Resources & Metadata Committee Standards Subcommittee of the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS.) The work is available via the ALA website, and its URL is http://www.ala.org/alcts/organization/div/nrmc/bib_main.html.

– Ralph Moon
Library Systems

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Panel of Users to Discuss Library Experiences

The LAUC-B Public Service Task Force invites all staff to a panel discussion:

Friday, October 23
8:00-10:00 am
Lipman Room
Barrows Hall, 8th floor

How well do we know what our users want and need? Do our library services facilitate research and teaching? Join us Friday morning to hear a panel of six users address the role of the Library in their research and their experiences with library services.


  • Prof. George Chang, Nutritional Sciences
  • Prof. Alan Dundes, Anthropology and Folklore
  • Chris Lunde, Graduate Student, Research Assistant and former Graduate Student Instructor, Comparative Biochemistry
  • Theresa Whitener, Graduate Student and Graduate Student Instructor, History
  • Jamie Beckman, Undergraduate Student, Political Science, and Student Library Employee
  • Aviva Cushner, Undergraduate Student, Sociology and Social Welfare

MODERATOR: Deborah Sommer, Environmental Design Library

Coffee, tea, and delicious pastries will be served.

– Corliss Lee
American Cultures Librarian
Teaching Library Program Coordinator

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Customer Service Training Task Force: Deadline to Submit Nominations

Friday, October 23rd, is the deadline for submitting nominations (including self-nominations) of Customer Service Training Task Force members.

The task force is charged:

Nominations (including self-nominations) should include a sentence or two about the nominee's qualifications for this particular task.

– Lee Leighton
AUL for Access Services

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Scholarly Publishing Symposium Registration Deadline Nears

Monday, October 26, is the deadline to register for the Symposium: Alternative Models of Scholarly Publishing in Higher Education.

The symposium is scheduled for November 6, Friday, at UC Berkeley.


The wide reach and power of the Internet, changes in academic, society, and commercial presses, and the soaring cost of information are changing the face of scholarly communications and publishing.

For information see the LAUC-B web site at:


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Date Set for Cal Day 1999

Cal Day 1999 will be on Saturday, April 17, 1999. Units and departments are invited to send a representative to attend an orientation and planning meeting on October 28 from 9:30 to 11:00 am in 150 University Hall.

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New Addition to the Ronningen Family

Debbie Carton and Jim Ronningen are the proud parents of a baby boy born Wednesday, October 14. Thomas weighed in at 7 pounds, and measured 20 inches long. Some members of the Library staff remember Debbie as a former employee; she now works at the North Berkeley branch of the Berkeley Public Library. Jim's co-workers at the Earth Sciences and Maps Library and Government and Social Science Information Service send their best wishes to Thomas and his family.

– Jeanne Fong
Physical Science Libraries

– Andrea Sevetson
Government and Social Science Information Service

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Safety Tip: Exit and Report

Fire alarm, real fire? Whenever an audible alarm sounds, staff need to evacuate the building and report to their unit contact person. Why? Because in the event of a real emergency, rather than a drill, rescue personnel will begin searching for missing people, and they could be at risk while searching for you. You may wish to review evacuation procedures in place for your building. Doe/Moffitt has procedures on the Staff web.

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Technical Services Note: CHECKMAI Email Address

There is a new e-mail address for questions about checking in or claiming serial issues. Just as you can ask questions or report problems about monographs (DATMAIN) or serial records on GLADIS (SERMAINT), you can now ask questions specifically related to Innopac check-in or claims for serials by sending email to CHECKMAI. CHECKMAI should not be confused with CHECKIN, the listserv which acts as a discussion forum for the check-in community.

To get a look at all the various email addresses and listservs for your technical processing questions, see the Staff Web.

This resource can also be accessed from the Berkeley Processing Manual. Go to the BPM home link on the Staff Web.

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HR Alert

The following section is devoted to employment opportunities, merit and salary update information, awards, career training and development opportunities, and other Human Resources announcements. Current job postings are also listed below:

Library Human Resources News and Links

CSAC is Recruiting!

The Chancellor's Staff Advisory Committee (CSAC) is inviting interested career staff employees to apply for membership. Members are appointed by the Chancellor for three-year terms. The minimum time commitment includes two hours every other week throughout the year for meetings of the full committee. Additional time is required to study issues, draft recommendations, and participate in sub-committee activities. All non-academic career employees are eligible to apply.

The committee is looking for individuals who

  1. Have a broad and objective perspective of the Berkeley Campus and issues of concern to all staff,
  2. Are willing to work within the administrative framework to find positive solutions to problems affecting staff,
  3. Have their supervisor's approval and support for full participation in the committee, and
  4. Are willing to be active members of the committee, attend all meetings, and accept and complete committee assignments, such as background research, data collecting, attending subcommittee meetings, report and proposal drafting, and writing.

As members of the campus community, CSAC is committed to diversity in the student body, faculty, and staff.

Applications are due November 25, with group interviews for finalists to be held the week of December 7-11. The three-year term begins in January 1999.

If you are interested and would like an application or have any other questions, please contact Abram Hardin at 2-2241 or hardin@physics.berkeley.edu or visit CSAC's web page at http://campus.chance.berkeley.edu/csac/

CSAC will be holding a brown bag information session at noon on Wednesday, November 11, in 370 Dwinelle Hall.

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LBO and LHRD Begin Collaboration

Early this year the Administrative Services Task Force recommended the establishment of a joint payroll/paf unit, which includes Library Business Office (LBO) and Library Human Resources (LHRD) personnel. The combined unit would centralize payroll and personnel action processing in one location, which would be more convenient and improve employee customer service. Well, the unit is beginning to come together.

Betty Mew and Adora Castaneda, with Juana Loza's assistance, are cross training in functions such as payroll and student employment to provide maximum coverage to meet deadlines and serve Library customers. November will show the initial results of our new systems, with more changes to follow. Stay tuned.

– Janice Dost
Director, Library Human Resources

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Employee Development and Training

Learn Healthy Computer Use

Computer Health Matters
Wednesday, November 18
10:30 am-noon

Learn about health issues related to computer use, design a user-friendly workstation, and practice exercises to relieve computer-related aches and pains. This free workshop meets the campus Injury and Illness Prevention Program's health and safety training requirements for computer users.

For more information or to enroll call Health*Matters, University Health Services, at 643-4646.

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Library Employment Opportunities

Current vacancies for staff library positions are listed below. For further information contact LHRD or Berkeley Human Resources Employment Unit, located at 2200 University Avenue, Room 7G, Berkeley, CA 94720. See full job listings at: http://hrweb.berkeley.edu/joblist/newlist.htm

< TD>November 6, 1998
10-505-50SECUSecurity Asst III-S October 23, 1998
10-500/501-50SECUSecurity Guard
(two positions: 1)100%, 2)50%)
October 23, 1998
10-511-50 PHYS LA II, 50% October 30, 1998
10-512-50CHEMLA III October 30, 1998
10-513-50TSLA III October 30, 1998
10-517-50LBO__ Asst. III November 6, 1998
10-518-50ILSLA III

10-506-50BANCLA IV, 11 Months October 23, 1998
10-507-50PUBLLA I, 75%, 11 Months October 23, 1998

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