CU News: Volume 54, Number 18, 7 May 1998

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  Meet Interim University Librarian Millicent Abell
  Science Libraries Update
  Changing of the Guard at CAG
  President Clinton declares May Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

  Library Staff News: Library Unit Heads/Supervisors are encouraged to submit introductions of newly appointed personnel so that Library staff can get to know them.   Staff promotions, reclassifications, awards/publications, transfers, departures and other staff news are also welcome.
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  Meet Interim University Librarian Millicent Abell

Millicent ("Penny") Abell will come to the UC Berkeley Libraries in July 1998 to act as Interim University Librarian, after having been named University Librarian Emerita upon retirement from the Yale University Library in January 1995. During her ten-year tenure, the Yale Library strengthened its staff, maintained a distinguished acquisitions program, expanded its book preservation program, modernized its reader services, introduced an on-line catalog and related electronic information services, and initiated a renovation of its Sterling Library and several of the departmental libraries.

Prior to her appointment at Yale, Ms Abell served for eight years as University Librarian at UC San Diego, and in administrative positions at the State University of New York at Buffalo and the University of Washington. Ms Abell has been active in national library activities, as a founding member of both the Commission on Preservation and Access and the Digital Preservation Consortium, as President of the Association of Research Libraries and Chair of the Center for Research Libraries, and as an Executive Committee member of the Research Libraries Group.

As a consultant prior to and following her retirement, Ms Abell has advised university administrators and librarians at numerous institutions, including Columbia, Harvard, Toronto, Michigan, Northwestern, New York University, and the New York Public Library.

Ms Abell's community service has included the leadership of the Yale United Way Campaign and membership on the Executive Committee of the Connecticut Public Broadcasting Board of Directors. She is currently a volunteer with San Diego Habitat for Humanity as a builder and Vice President for Finance and with the San Diego Executive Service Corps.

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  Science Libraries Update

Library staff are asked to make note of the following changes among the science libraries as of May 1.

Mary Ann Mahoney, our new Chemistry Librarian, is now full-time in her new library; she may be reached at 2-4345.

Charlene Kubota (Public Health Library) has moved to the Occupational & Environmental Health Library to begin a one-year term as acting head, until a new permanent unit head is recruited. Charlene's new phone number is 540-3124.

Earlier this year Vivienne Roumani-Denn left the Earth Sciences-Map Library to go to Humanities Area Studies as the new Judaica Librarian. As of April, I have been helping out with EarthSciences-Maps selection, reference and faculty outreach. Most of the time, I can still be reached in the Librarian's Office at 2-3773.

Jeanne Fong has moved to the Earth Sciences-Maps Library, where she will continue her duties as half-time manager of Physical Science Libraries operations. This month Jeanne will start training for her new half-time assignment as International Documents Librarian in the Government & Social Science Information Service. Until she begins working at GSSI, she can best be reached at the Earth Sciences-Maps Library, in the Wellman Courtyard, at 3-7041. I will be handling the coordination of the Physical Science Libraries librarian staff.

- Katie Frohmberg
AUL for the Sciences

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  Changing of the Guard at CAG

As of May 1, Beth Weil will become Chair of the Collection Advisory Group in place of Allan Urbanic, who is stepping down a few months prior to the official end of his term because of his heavy commitments in HAS and on CAPA. Librarians and staff who have questions or agenda items for CAG deliberation should forward these to Beth in the future. Many thanks to Allan for his leadership of CAG during the first two years of its existence, and to Beth for graciously agreeing to become the chair earlier than previously agreed.

In connection with this change, Camille Wanat has also agreed to take Beth Weil's place as one of the two Science Libraries' representatives to CAG.

- James H. Spohrer
AUL for Humanities & Area Studies

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  President Clinton declares May Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America

Like millions of others who left their homelands to come to America, the first Asian and Pacific Island immigrants who arrived here in the 19th century were seeking a better life than the one they left behind. Many were poor; many had suffered oppression; but all were strengthened by a rich culture, an ancient heritage, a belief in freedom's promise, and a willingness to work for their share of the American Dream.

For many, however, that dream was deferred. These courageous men and women from Asia and the Pacific Islands were met in America by prejudice as they strived to make a living and establish a home in their adopted country.

These brave new Americans would prevail over every hardship. Whether working in the gold fields of California, laboring on the sugar and pineapple plantations of Hawaii, constructing the transcontinental railway, or creating their own businesses, Asian and Pacific Americans succeeded in building new lives for themselves and their families.

Today, Asian and Pacific Americans are helping to build a vibrant America. They are leaders in medical and scientific research, in the halls of Congress, in the classrooms of our educational institutions, in business, labor, the arts, and every other human endeavor. They are building economic and technological bridges across the Pacific and beyond, which will ensure America's leadership well into the next millennium. These sons and daughters of Cambodia, China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and so many other Asian and Pacific lands have enriched our national life and culture with their energy and talents, with their commitment to family and community, and with their enduring reverence for freedom.

As we approach the 21st century, Asian and Pacific Americans are playing an increasingly important role in the life of our Nation, helping us to maintain our leadership in the global economy. More important, they are inspiring us to embrace the wider world, to recognize and appreciate the blessing of our great diversity, and to become one America.

To honor the accomplishments of Asian and Pacific Americans and to recognize their many contributions to our Nation, the Congress, by Public Law 102-450, has designated the month of May as "Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month."

NOW, THEREFORE, I, WILLIAM J. CLINTON, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim May 1998 as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. I call upon the people of the United States to observe this month with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities.

- Submitted by Susana Hinojosa
Government & Social Science Information Service

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