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Kay Berger Retires

Virtual Exhibit Earns ALA Award


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Patricia Iannuzzi Receives ACRL Award

Patricia Iannuzzi, Associate University Librarian and Director, Doe/Moffitt Libraries, has been named the 2001 recipient of the ACRL Instruction Section Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award. This award is given in recognition of significant achievement in the advancement of library instruction and information literacy.

The award will be presented in a ceremony during the ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco later this year.

Please join me in offering sincere congratulations to Patty for this recognition by her peers.

Thomas C. Leonard
University Librarian

Kay Berger Retires

After almost twenty-nine years with the Library and cataloging, Kay Berger retired on January 2, 2001.

Ms. Berger began her career in the UC Berkeley Library as a serials cataloger in the Serials Cataloging Division and later became the Assistant Head of the Division. Eventually, Kay took on an assignment in the areas of social sciences and humanities original cataloging which she continued until her retirement. She also served many years as RLIN liaison to the Library.

She had a long-standing interest in automation and its potential for helping improve technical services operations in the Library. Most recently, she was involved in the extensive planning and recent load of the Library of Congress Name Authority File into GLADIS. Her contributions to this project were integral to its success.

Her outside activities included the Chinese Librarian Association, where she was a founding member and one of the first two editors of the association's bilingual newslsetter.

Armanda Barone
Head, Original Cataloging Division

Virtual Exhibit Earns ALA Award

Linda Vida and Randall Brandt (Water Resources Archives), Waverly Lowell (Environmental Design Archives), and Mary Scott (Library Graphics Office) have been honored with a Special Commendation by the ALA’s Rare Books and Manuscripts Exhibition Awards Committee for their virtual exhibit Bridging the Bay: Bridging the Campus. Selected from a field of thirty entries, it was one of two winners of the RBMS 2001 Katharine Kyes Leab & Daniel J. Leab American Book Prices Current Exhibition Award, both receiving Special Commendations since the experience of evaluating electronic exhibitions is still so new.

The RBMS Exhibition Awards Committee selected Bridging the Bay for its general excellence, particularly in its overall graphic design and easy site navigation, and for its appealing treatment of its subject.

The award will be announced at the RBMS meeting at the American Library Association Conference in San Francisco in June. The award letter stated that this electronic exhibit is a fine example of how archives and libraries can successfully collaborate on worthwhile projects and share their resources for the benefit of the public through the World Wide Web.

Jennifer Ripley and Vanessa Yan were also instumental in creating the virtual exhibit.

Waverly Lowell
Environmental Design Archives
College of Environmental Design
University of California
230 Wurster Hall # 1820
Berkeley, CA 94720-1820 
Phone: 510.642.5124, fax: 510.642.2824


Wouldn’t you love to share some of your "cool stuff" or that wonderful exhibit concept you’ve been developing for the past few years? Well, with some ideas, planning, and selecting, now you can. The Library Exhibit Committee invites you to create and curate an exhibit that showcases library collections.

Exhibits are intended to promote the diverse holdings and scholarly value of specific library collections, educate the campus community about particular themes, and support university events, programs, history, publications, symposia, and activities. Please refer to the exhibits manual on the Staff Web.

Venues:  Exhibits are needed for: (1) the Bernice Layne Brown Gallery (located outside the Morrison Reading Room), (2) the single Sheldon Case at the north end of the east corridor in the Doe Library and (3) the three cases opposite the elevators in the Moffitt Library.  Detailed descriptions of these exhibit venues are contained in Appendix A of the Doe/Moffitt Library Exhibits Manual.  

Procedure: Exhibit proposals can be initiated by members of the Library staff and groups on or off campus. Proposals must be submitted on the Exhibit Proposal Form (Appendix B of the Manual). Proposals should be submitted no less than 8 months in advance. Members of the Exhibit Committee are available to provide support and assistance at any stage of the exhibit process or send a message to exhibits@library.berkeley.edu.

Exhibits Committee:  Catherine Dinnean, Chair,  Phyllis Bischof, Louise BraunschweigerWilliam E. Brown Jr.Aija Kanburgs, Waverly Lowell, Heather Nicholls.  

Summary of Upcoming Exhibits:

Brown Gallery
Fall 2000       UCB Gay Liberation during 70s
Jan-Mar 2001    International Exchange and the Library
April-Jun 2001  Protest: Takin’ it to the Streets
Summer 2001     <Open>
Fall 2001       Anthropology in Action: The First 100 Years at Berkeley

Sheldon Case
Fall 2000       Honoring ROHO interviewees
Feb-Apr 2001    The Friends of The Bancroft Library Keepsakes
Apr-Jun 2001    < re: Mark Twain> 

Moffitt Cases
Fall 2000       Student Notebooks

Waverly Lowell
Environmental Design Archives
College of Environmental Design
University of California
230 Wurster Hall  #1820
Berkeley, CA  94720-1820
Phone: 510.642.5124 , fax: 510.642.2824  

Library Staff in Print

The most recent UC Berkeley yearbook, Blue & Gold 2000, includes an interview with Joan Gatten, Administrative Assistant for the Library Systems Office. Entitled "A Life in Words," the interview covers the Rhyme & Reason poetry series -- which Joan founded and for which she received The Chancellors Award for Service -- as well as Joan's reflections on poetry in her own and campus life.

Ralph Moon


Marianne McDonald to Perform at UC Berkeley Art Museum

On Sunday, February 25 at 2:30pm, Rhythm & Muse, an open mike poetry/performance series, will feature a music/poetry performance by Marianne Tomita McDonald, Scottish harp, Wendy Burch, poet, and Toyoji Tomita, trombone and didjeridu.

Marianne works at the Business & Economics Library. Many years ago, Wendy Burch worked in the Librarian's Office. Wendy was married to the late Joe Catalano, who was the circulation supervisor at the Music Library until his death in 1998.

Marianne McDonald plays the clarsach, an ancient Scottish harp, in new music contexts, mixing harp with electronics, instruments, and  voices. She is a member of the Mills College Didjeridu Ensemble (MCDdE) which includes Toyoji Tomita, Wendy Burch, and Ron Heglin. She has performed for Pauline Oliveros, most recently at Lincoln Center in New York, in The Lunar Opera.

Wendy Burch debuted as a folk singer/songwriter in the 70's, shifting focus in the mid 80's to write and study poetry. Her latest collaboration is "Traffic Prayers," formerly performed with her late husband, Joe Catalano; now performed with Marianne McDonald and Toyoji Tomita. Her most recently published book is Irridescent Madly.

Toyoji Tomita studied trombone at Juilliard School of Music and Curtis Institute of Music, and studied didjeridu with Stuart Dempster. In 1976, he won First Prize in the Gaudeamus International Competition for Interpreters of Modern Music in Rotterdam, Holland. He received an M.F.A. in electronic composition from Mills College in 1986.

Sign up for the Rhythm & Muse open mike is at 2 p.m., the featured performance begins at 2:30. Music on the open mike should be accoustic.
Admission is free.

UC Berkeley Art Museum Conference Room
2621 Durant@Bowditch
510-527-9753 for more info.

Joan Gatten
for Rhythm & Muse

David Szanton to Lecture in Morrison Library

On March 8, 2001 at 4:00 pm, the Library will sponsor a lecture by David Szanton, Executive Director of International and Area Studies at UC Berkeley, in the Morrison Library (101 Doe Library). The topic of the lecture will be AREA STUDIES: TALKING BACK TO POWER, and it is being presented in connection with the current exhibit in the Bernice Layne Brown Gallery highlighting the Library's International Exchange Program, which will continue through March 31. The lecture is free and the general public is invited to attend. It will be followed by a reception in honor of David Szanton in the Morrison Library following the lecture.

James Spohrer
Area Studies Unit

Employee Development and Training

Early Bird: Recent Changes in Personnel Law

Date: March 1
Time: 8:30 to 10
Place: Morrison Room

Susan Thomas, a labor relations attorney at UCOP, will be providing an update on the changing legal environment affecting personnel practices at UC. Although the subject seems a bit removed from librarianship, I would like to encourage attendance. All of us (managers and non-managers) are affected every day by state and federal laws relating to fair employment, family and medical leave, disability rights and accommodation, affirmative action, wage and hour laws, workers compensation, and more.

I heard Susan give this presentation at a UC-wide program in December and was sufficiently impressed that I invited her to repeat it just for the Berkeley Library staff. Please plan to attend, and bring your questions.

Refreshments will be served.

Mike Rancer

Workshop on Classification Process

What: How to request reclassification; how to prepare a formal reclassification review; what documentation is needed; when to put forth a request; who puts forth a request; what is the process; who prepares it; what is the difference between reclassification and promotion; and answers to any and all related classification questions.

Who: Any interested Library employee, all levels, all statuses

When: Monday February 26, 2001, 10:30 am - 12 noon

Where: Stone Room; Bancroft Library

Instructor: Kay P. Starkweather


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