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The Art History/Classics Library holdings comprise approximately 28,922 volumes and serve as a core research collection supporting UCB's graduate programs in History of Art, Classics, and Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology Please note: A large portion of the UCB Library's holdings in the field of art history, in particular most exhibition catalogues and critical studies of individual artists and art movements, is housed in the Main Library stacks or Moffitt Library, not AH-C. Similarly, many editions of the classical texts, both in Latin and Greek and in translation, as well as numerous volumes of related secondary literature, are either duplicated or held uniquely in the Main Library stacks or Moffitt. AH-C's collections feature current and comprehensive runs of many journals critical to advanced research in the disciplines of  art history and classics. Other collection highlights include:


  • Core journals for the 19th and 20th centuries 
  • Current journals, Art History/Classics Library 
  • Catalogue raisonnés for many significant artists 
  • Major museum catalogues 
  • Microfiche collections include: Alinari Photo Archive; American Artists: Microfiche from the Witt Library, Courtauld Institute of Art; American Committee for South Asian Art Archive; Art Exhibition Catalogs Indexes; Author Index of Byzantine Studies; Collections de Pièces sur les Beaux-arts 1673-1808 (Collection Deloynes); Contemporary Women Artists: Pictures from the Women Artists Slide Library; Conway Library (Courtauld Institute of Art); Conway Library 5 Year Update, 1987-1992; Early Alinari Photographic Archive of Art & Architecture in Italy; Index of Ancient Art & Architecture Collection of the German Archaeological Institute in Rome; Marburger Index; Modern Chinese Pictorial Art 1949-1979; and, Women Artists in the Victoria & Albert Museum. For a complete list of titles see the guide Microforms for Art Historians, University of California, Berkeley.
  • Videos on modernist and post-modernist artists, performers, and film makers purchased with The Stuart and Gail Buchalter Fund for the Study of Contemporary Art (videos located in the Media Resource Center, Moffitt Library). 
  • Local CD-ROMs include: African-American Artists on Disc; Albrecht Dürer: Gesamtwerk; Art20: the Thames and Hudson multimedia dictionary of modern art; Art Theorists of the Italian Renaissance; Artintact: Artists' Interactive CD-ROMagazine; Bibliography of Modern Art on Disc; Body & the Object: Ann Hamilton, 1984-1996; Corot, 1796-1875: 85 Peintures du Musée du Louvre; Courtauld Gallery Paintings: Illustrated Catalogue; Edward Hopper: a Catalogue Raisonné; Flemish & Dutch Painters: Van Eyck, Bruegel, Rubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer; Getty Provenance Index: Cumulative Edition; Italian Romanesque Panel Painting: an Illustrated Index; Kindlers Meisterzeichnungen aller Epochen; Marburger Index Datenbank; Passion for Art: Renoir, Cézanne, Matisse & Dr. Barnes; Photographers Encyclopedia International from its Beginnings to the Present; Rodin; Van Doetecum Family: 1554-1606; Women Artists on Disc; and, Wonders of Nature: in the Menagerie of Blauw Jan in Amsterdam.  


  • The standard editions of the classical texts and the major commentaries 
  • A set of the Loeb Classical Library 
  • Major corpora of ancient incscriptions, papyri and coins 
  • Electronic and multi-media resources, i.e., indexes, full text databases, dictionaries/encyclopedias, e-journals, CD-Roms, etc., via Classics Resources and Library Find Information


  • Excavation reports from the major archaeological sites 
  • Major corpora of ancient art, including the Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum 
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