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The following Art History related CD-ROM titles are Library Use Only and for use at the CD-Rom Station;  Please request at the Art History/Classics Circulation Desk.

African-American artists on disc / editors: Lynn Moody Igoe and 

James Igoe
E185.A252 1999 
A comprehensive, annotated bibliography of African-American artists and art in the United States, covering nearly three centuries.  Features an updated, scanned version of Lynn Moody Igoe and James Igoe’s book 250 years of Afro-American art : an annotated bibliography (N6538.N5.A12.I3, HAS & INFO), and includes additional material collected from 1981 through 1999.  Identifies more than 8,000 fine, self-taught, and craft artists, plus historians, museum and gallery directors, and curators. Includes a basic bibliography with more than 20,000 citations providing references to books, chapters in books, exhibition materials, periodicals, newspapers, dissertations, audiovisuals, and archival material.  Note: See accompanying use guide located next to the computer under call number E185.A252 1999 compu/d guide.

Albrecht Durer: Gesamtwerk;
see Gesamtwerk : samtliche Gemalde, Handzeichnungen, Kupferstiche und Holzschnitte / Albrecht Durer

Art20:  the Thames and Hudson multimedia dictionary of modern art
N6490.A772 2005 compu/d
Multimedia encyclopedia containing over 3,500 images, audios of artists' voices, videos of kinetic and video art, and more than 2,500 entries on artists, movements, galleries, collectors, and critics.

Art Theorists of the Italian Renaissance

N6915.A77 1998
Contains a collection of treatises on art and architecture from 1470 to 1775 and is structured around Giorgio Vasari’s Lives of the Artists [AH-C; CALL: N6922.V3 1912 set 2 (English ed.), and AH-C; CALL: N6922.V29 1966 (Italian ed.)]. A primary source for the study of Italian Renaissance art and architecture and for broader research of the period. Note: See accompanying use guide located next to the computer under call number N6915.A77 1998 compu/d guide.

Artintact: CD-ROMagazin interaktiver Kunst = Artists' interactive

Features works by professional audio and visual media artists. It combines the traditional book format with CD-ROM technology, thus providing both scholarly criticism and illustrations on paper to accompany and exhibit the interactive art works presented 
on each disc. 

Bibliography of modern art on disc: catalog of the Museum of Modern Art Library, New York

N620.M9.A535 1998 
Contains a consolidated listing of all cataloged research material of the Museum of Modern Art Library, plus 200,000 fully searchable records. Includes bibliographic information for approximately 160,000 books, exhibition catalogs, and periodicals.  Covers painting, sculpture, drawing, prints, photography, architecture, design, film, video, mixed media, performance and contemporary art forms.  Note: See accompanying use guide located next to the computer under call number N620.M9.A535 1998 compu/d guide.

Body and the object: Ann Hamilton, 1984-1996

N6537.H337.A4 1996 [Book + CD-ROM] 
The CD-ROM and accompanying book were created during Ann Hamilton’s residency at the Wexner Center for the Arts and published on the occasion of the exhibition held May 18 - August 4, 1996 at the Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio State University, Columbus. Together the CD-ROM and book [book located in AH-C, CALL: N6537.H337.A4 1996], explore the artist's oeuvre since 1984. The CD-ROM features interactive documentation from ten installations: privation and excesses; indigo blue; malediction; aleph; tropos; lieament; volumen; lumen; salic; and reserve. Sound, still imagery, and video have been exploited to create a sense of viewing the work in person. 

Corot 1796-1875: 85 peintures du Musée du Louvre

ND553.C8.A4 1996c 
Digitized to high definition, this collection of images and documents focuses on several themes: outdoor study painting; landscapes reworked in the studio; portraits; figure studies; and pentimenti. X-rays and photography using side-lighting, infrared, and ultraviolet reveal intricacies of the paintings heretofore unavailable to the human eye. Each work includes museological data, notes on the history and iconography, notes on technical and restoration aspects, a bibliography, documents on file, and a scientific file.  Includes a technical glossary, two glossaries on the iconography, explanation of terms in hypertext, and a research overview.

Courtauld gallery paintings: illustrated catalogue

N1165.U45.A52 1998 
Contains catalogue entries for the entire collection of work in oil in the Courtauld Gallery.  Includes details of component parts of over 500 items, illustrated by 570 images. User may search the collection, whether by provenance, date, subject matter, previous attribution, exhibition history, or artist.  Both simple and advanced searches are available, and the images can be viewed in varying sequences.

Edward Hopper: a catalogue raisonné

N6537.H6.A4 1995 
A companion to the three printed volumes [printed vols. located in AH-C, CALL: N6537.H6.A4 1995]. Includes Hopper’s record books, containing handwritten entries and ink sketches. The CD-ROM is divided into three sections: Works, exhibitions, and bibliography, offering a description of each section and a guide on how to use them. 

Flemish and Dutch painters: Van Eyck, Bruegel, Rubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer

ND635.F545 1995
Featured are Van Eyck, Bruegel, Rubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer and the ages they represent, including lesser known artists.  Contains approximately 500 images, some of which are linked to the text and which may also be enlarged for detail.  Includes historical information on each artist and painting, plus an index.  The artwork may easily be arranged by artist, period, theme, and collection. 

Gesamtwerk: samtliche Gemalde, Handzeichnungen, Kupferstiche und Holzschnitte / Albrecht Durer

N6888.D8.G4 2000 
Comprehensive searchable text and image database of Durer's work as well as critical essays on his life and work.  Includes Durer : Werk und Wirkung / Fedja Anzelewsy, ND588.D9.A75.  Note:See accompanying use guide located next to the computer under call number N6888.D8.G4 2000 compu/d guide.

Getty provenance index: cumulative edition on CD-ROM, 1996

N6450.G48 1996 
Provides a partial yet substantial index to nineteenth century British, Netherlandish and French art sales catalogues.  Also includes inventories of important Italian, Spanish and Netherlandish collections of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  Databases are searchable by a variety of operators and commands.  Note:  See accompanying use guide located next to the computer under call number 
N6450.G48 1996 compu/d guide.

Great drawings of all time;
see Kindlers Meisterzeichnungen aller Epochen

Italian Romanesque panel painting: an illustrated index: a new edition on CD-ROM with revised bibliography and iconclass
ND613.G37 1998 
This new version of Garrison's Index, produced by the Garrison Collection, Courtauld Institute of Art, adheres to the 1949 edition (ND613.G37 AH-C) as faithfully as possible, taking into account Garrison's Addenda, the manuscript notes in the Garrison Collection of the Courtauld Institute, and annotations Garrison subsequently added to his own copy.  The new edition includes extensive, current bibliographies, approximately 800 black and white illustrations, and multiple cross database search options, including ICONCLASS. 

Kindlers Meisterzeichnungen aller Epochen
NC1005.M6815 2002
Based on the 4-volume set Great drawings of all time. V. 1. Italian, thirteenth through nineteenth century -- v. 2. German, Flemish and Dutch, thirteenth through nineteenth century -- v. 3. French, thirteenth century to 1919 -- v. 4. Oriental, Spanish, English, American and contemporary. Includes over 1000 illustrations and complete text.

Marburger Index Datenbank: Wegweiser zur Kunst in Deutschland

Text and catalogue section, published annually on CD-ROM. Accompanies Marburger Index [microform]: Inventar der Kunst in Deutschland, MICROFICHE 10704. Provides access to approximately 1,998,000 photographs of German works of art in painting, sculpture, drawing, book illumination, graphic arts and photography. Also contains photographs from the international indexes for Greece, Italy, Armenia, France, Spain and Portugal, Egypt, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. May be searched by artist, profession, workshop, patron, type of object, material and technique, location, building name, place and date of origin, icnographic subject, persons, places and regions represented. Iconographic organization is based on the ICONCLASS classification system.

Passion for art: Renoir, Cézanne, Matisse and Dr. Barnes

ND547.5.I4.P3 1995 
A tour of the private Barnes Foundation collection of post-impressionist paintings. The user can explore each room of the foundation's collection, view paintings full screen or in detail, examine papers from the archives of the Barnes Foundation, and display the paintings as a slide show.  Also included are commentaries from several critics and art historians. 

Photographers encyclopedia international from its beginnings to the present = Encyclopédie internationale des photographes des débuts à nos jours / 

TR139.E5 1997 
An electronic encyclopedia containing biographies, exhibition lists, bibliographies and the addresses of 3,135 photographers (incomplete information for 3,000 others).  Includes a chronology of the history of photography, a lexicon of processes, and more than 5,900 images. Note:  See accompanying use guide located next to the computer under call number TR139.E5 1997 compu/d  guide.


NB553.R7.R65 1994 
Divided into three parts, this CD-ROM features a 35 minute "Visit" of the Musée Rodin, based on the writings of Hélène Pinet, photography specialist at the Musée Rodin. The "Works" portion focuses on Rodin's most important works and themes, and Rodin's life and career are examined in the "Book" section. 

Van Doetecum family: 1554-1606

NE670.D64.V36 1998 
Digital version of the set of five volumes on the Van Doetecum family [AH-C; CALL: NE663.H65 1993 v.5].  Features combined and keyword name/subject searches and allows magnification of details (ie. 1,053 prints and numerous wall maps).  Provides full text for each catalogue entry. 

Women artists on disc

N6536.A12.W6 1999 
An inclusive bibliography to Western women artists plus an authoritative resource to diverse reference materials on women’s art history.  Covering nearly 30,000 women artists and designers, including a compilation of approximately 5,400 reference sources, this CD-ROM integrates four major bibliographies:  [1] Dictionary of women Artists : an international dictionary of women artists born before 1900, by Chris Petteys (N43.P47 1985 HAS & INFO); [2] Women artists in the United States : a selective bibliography and resource guide in the fine and decorative arts, 1750-1986, by Paula Chiarmonte (N6536.A12.C55 1990 HAS & INFO); [3] Women artist and designers in Europe since 1800 : an annotated bibliography, by Penny McCracken (N6757.A12.M33 1997 v.1-2, INFO); and [4] Feminist art criticism : an annotated bibliography, by Cassandra Langer (N72.F45.A12.L36 1993, AH-C).  The information may be searched using multiple indexes or by boolean/relational operators.  Note: See accompanying use guide located next to the computer under call number N6536.A12.W6 1999 compu/d.

Wonders of nature: in the menagerie of Blauw Jan in Amsterdam, as observed by Jan Velten around 1700

QL46.V4 1998 
Reproduction of rare manuscript from around 1700 by Jan Velten describing the menagerie of exotic animals and people at the inn "Blauw Jan" from 1685 to 1784.  Includes pencil drawings, aquarelles and gouaches, with descriptive text. Note:  See accompanying use guide located next to the computer under call number QL46.V4 1998 compu/d guide.


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