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Course Reserves

At the instructor's request, certain books are set aside for course reserves each semester. These are kept behind the circulation desk and are subject to more stringent circulation policies. A current UC Berkeley library card or ID is required for even in-house use. Reserve readings circulate for 2-hour or 1-day loan, and only two reserve items are charged to a library user at a time. Reserve materials cannot be renewed by phone or by self-renewal on GLADIS.

To find print reserve materials:

You will need a call number for reserve materials you wish to use. To obtain this information check in GLADIS under the course number or instructors name:

      fi co ANTH 160


      fi in Dundes, A

Once you have the call number, staff at the circulation desk will page the material and charge it to you.

To find course electronic reserves:

Go to:

Faculty Course Reserve Options

Electronic Course Reserves Bspace

Electronic Course reserves are set up in Bspace. You must have a Bspace account to view and attach course materials. For more information visit ETS Training and Support Center

  • Bspace
  • Reserve Book and Journal Articles Lists

    Instructors may ask libraries to put course materials in the library's reserve collection that they expect might be in high demand or that require special security. The instructor may designate shorter loan periods for high demand materials, such as two-hour or one-day.

    General Guidelines

    Reserve lists should include all the information required on the Online Reserve Request Form (e.g. Title, Author, Ed. for each item, Course Number, Instructor's name, Semester etc)

    Attach a copy of the course syllabus to the Reserve List

    Lists are due at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester. It can often take that long to have all the items returned by patrons and routed to the Anthropology Library.

    Lists are processed in the order they are received.

    You can place a request in one of four ways:

    1. Via the Online Reserve Request Form
    2. Email them to Lillian Lee, Operations Manager, at
    3. Fax them to (510) 643-9293
    4. Bring them to the Circulation Desk at the Anthropology Library

    Personal Copies/ Photocopies on Reserve

    Instructors can also put their personal copies of books and photocopied articles on reserve.

    General Guidelines

    We encourage "batching" of photocopied articles. (e.g. "First Week's Readings" or "Readings for October"). They can be processed more quickly as a unit and are easier for students and staff to identify.

    We also encourage entitling the Personal Copy or Photocopy whatever you have titled it on the syllabus.

    Do not put your only copy of a reading on reserve, as they do circulate heavily and could be lost by a student.

    To place your request:

    1. Print and fill out the Personal Reserve Form (PDF)
    2. Bring the form and reserve materials to the Circulation Desk at the Anthropology Library
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