Choice. Nov. 1967. Vol. 4 No. 9, p1056.

FOSTER, George M.

Tzintzuntzan; Mexican Peasants in a Changing World.

Little, Brown, 1967. 372p il tab bibl 67-14370. 6.95, 3.95 pa.

Foster, an outstanding authority in Latin-American anthropology, has prepared an excellent volume on peasant culture in a Mexican village. Part one includes the definition of a peasant community, the historical background of Tzintzuntzan. and nine chapters on various traditional aspects of village life. Part two, consisting of seven chapters, deals with change and conflicts resulting from the necessity of adjustment to the influences of a modern world. The well written volume is superior as a whole to recent materials produced by some of Foster's own students such as Diaz' Tonala: Conservatism, Responsibility and Authority in a Mexican Town (CHOICE, Dec. 1966). A brief index; a few photographs. Highly recommended.

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