Library Journal. June 1, 1962. Vol. 87 No. 11, p2149.

FOSTER, George M.

Traditional Cultures: and the Impact of Technological Change.

bibliog. index. 292pp. 62-8880. Harper. $6.50 soc scl

We are witnessing a worldwide transformation of hitherto isolated and stagnant societies under the influence of technology, medicine, popular education and social engineering. Anthropologists who have become involved in these changes as observers or as active participants have been alerting the wider public to the numerous problems created by this bloodless revolution. These problems are manifold: ethical, psychiatric, economic, and even esthetic. Do we have the moral right to undermine traditional lifeways? What is the effect of this process on the psychological balance of individuals? What will become of native arts and styles? and so on. The author has drawn on the most up-to-date reports from the four comers of the globe as well as on his own experiences in the field.

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