Library Journal. January 1, 1961. Vol. 86, No. 1, p107.

FOSTER, George M.

Culture and Conquest: America's Spanish Heritage.

(Viking Fund Publications in Anthropology no. 27). ill.

bibliog. index. notes. 272pp. Quadrangle Bks.

Oct. 21. $6.

An examination and refinement of acculturation theory which should be useful in anthropological and Latin-American collections. The dra matic meeting of Spanish culture of the 16th century with indigenous cultures in the New World serves as the model for study of culture transmission and change. A major portion of the study contains modem Spanish ethnographic data, and includes such topics as "Agricultural Practices," and "Courtship and Marriage." These data are tied in briefly with Hispanic-America. For years, anthropologists have been discussing the need for more information about Spain. Now, new information is made available in this important contribution to acculturation theory and Spanish ethnography. For large public and academic collections.

-Frank L. Cinquemani

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