American Sociological Review. October 1959, Vol. 24 No. 5, p748-749.

Problems in Intercultural Health Programs . BY Goerge M. Foster. New York: SOcial Science Research Council, April 1958, v 44pp. Fifty cents, paper.

This essay is one of several memoranda commissioned by the SSRC's Committee on Preventive Medicine and Social Science Research. The first part briefly outlines cultural and social problems involved in planned efforts to spread medical information and health practices across cultural boundaries. It stresses the role of theoretical knowledge about directed culture change in helping to solve such problems. The second, longer part considers ways in which existing knowledge may be utilized in program planning and operation. and suggests a variety of topics for research. Throughout. the essay draws primarily on anthropological data in order to formulate and illustrate pertinent principles. Within thin the interdisciplinary audience addressed, those who are already familiar with such data will find little new in the essay; those who are not may discover helpful and attractive vistas of information.

- E. W. G.

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