Choice. July/Aug 1979, Vol 16 no5/6, p704.

Medical anthropology, by George M. Foster and Barbara Gallatin Anderson. Wiley, 1978. 354p bibl index 78-19449. 14.95 ISBN 0-471-04342-7. C.I.P.

Medical anthropology will serve as a useful textbook in this rapidly expanding field. Foster is a long-time contributor and pioneer in the field of applied anthropology, so it is appropriate that he coauthors this initial text. The book presents a broad but useful framework that includes the following four categories: the scope of medical anthropology, non-Western medical systems, Western medical systems, and the emerging roles for medical anthropologists in the field of medicine and health. Pedagogically it will serve as a brief, well-organized introduction to the field. The weaknesses and strengths of this pioneer book will be copied and discarded, improved and changed. It will serve as a model for similar approaches as well as newer innovative approaches to medical anthropology. Libraries should include this book in their collections, since it is a useful reference work in addition to being a textbook. It is suitable for use from high school through graduate school.

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