Eleventh Emeritus Faculty Lecture
Honoring George DeVos

Life in Arakawa: Past into Present

Photos from Heritage of Endurance: Family Patterns and Delinquency Formation in Urban Japan, written by Hiroshi Wagatsuma and George A. De Vos.

Photographs by Karel G. van Wolferen.

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Work with metal parts now occupies many subcontractors, who keep their noses to the grindstone in the house-factories of the ward.
In a changing city grandmothers can still continue their role in caring for the young while mothers work.
The woman often does naishoku (hand-piece) work at home in addition to helping out with whatever is produced on subcontract by machine. At night the space is used for family life.
There is a closeness of human contact in the crowded, tiny living areas. In winter there is a feeling of warmth shared by sitting around a kotatsu, drinking tea while one's legs are warmed by an electric brazier in a pit under the dining table.

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