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  • Social Organization of the Gwembe Tongo.
    Published on behalf of the Institute for Social Research, University of Zambia.
    Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1960.
    Human problems of Kariba, vol. 1.
    Reprinted with minor corrections, 1967.
    • Reviewed in:
      • Sociological Review. March 1961, 9(1):111-112. Reviewer: Max Gluckman.
      • African Studies. 1963, 22:44.

  • (review) Africa Today and Tomorrow: An Outline of Basic Facts and Major Problems, by John Hatch.
    Science. 1960, 132:731.

  • (review) Beyond the Mountains of the Moon: The Lives of Four Africans, by E. Winter.
    Science. 1960, 131:1207.

  • (review) Social and Economic Change Among the Northern Ojibwa, by R.W. Dunning.
    American Sociological Review. 1960, 25(4):613- 614.

  • (review) Tropical Africa, Vol. 2: Society and Polity, by George Kimble.
    Science. 1960, 132:1544-1545.


  • "Plateau Tonga."
    In: Matrilineal Kinship. Edited by David M. Schneider and Kathleen Gough.
    Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA: University of California Press. 1961, pp. 36-95.

  • (review) Africa's Place in the Emergence of Civilization, by Raymond Dart.
    American Anthropologist. 1961, 63(2, Part 1):437-438.


  • The Plateau Tonga of Northern Rhodesia: Social and Religious Studies.
    Published on behalf of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute.
    Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1962.
  • Essays on the Tonga-Speakers of Gwembe Valley. 1962

  • "Baselines of Change in Africa." Training Brief No. 2. pp. 2-48.
    Prepared under contract for U.S. Agency for International Development.
    African Studies Program, Development Research Center, 1962.

  • "Family Change in Contemporary Africa."
    Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. January 20, 1962, 96(2):641-652.

  • "Speaking as an Anthropologist."
    Radcliffe Quarterly. November 1962, pp. 52-54.

  • "Trade and Wealth Among the Tonga."
    In: Markets in Africa. Edited by Paul Bohannan and George Dalton.
    Northwestern African Studies, No. 9.
    Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press. 1962, pp. 601-616.


  • "Land Rights and Land Use Among the Valley Tonga of the Rhodesian Federation: The Background to the Kariba Resettlement Programme."
    In: African Agrarian Systems. Edited by Daniel Bieybuyck.
    Presented at the 2nd International African Seminar, Lovanium University, Leopoldville, Congo.
    Published on behalf of the International African Institute.
    London: Oxford University Press. 1963, pp. 137-156.

  • (review) The Swahili-Speaking Peoples of Zanzibar and the East African Coast (Arabs, Shirazi, and Swahili), by A.H.J. Prins.
    American Anthropologist. 1963, 65(2):468.


  • "Social Change and the Gwembe Tonga."
    Human Problems in British Central Africa. 1964, 35:1-13.

  • (review) The Swazi: A South African Kingdom, by Hilda Kuper.
    Science. 1964, 143:558.

  • (review) Women of Tropical Africa, edited by Denise Paulme.
    American Journal of Sociology. 1964, 70(1):116.


  • "The Little People of Rhodesia."
    Northern Rhodesian Journal. 1965, 6(5):567-568.

  • with Mark Chona.
    "Marketing of Cattle Among Plateau Tonga."
    Human Problems in British Central Africa. 1965, 37:42-50.

  • (review) The Family Estate in Africa, edited by R. Gray and Philip Gulliver.
    American Anthropologist. 1965, 67(5, Part 1):1315-1317.

  • (review) Missions to the Niger. Vol. I: The Journal of Friedrich Hornemann's Travels from Cairo to Mursuk in the Years 1797-98; Letters of Major Alexander Gordon Laing, 1824-26, edited by E.W. Bovill.
    Science. 1965, 149-532.

  • (review) The Primitive City of Timbuctoo, by Horace Miner.
    Science. 1965, 150:1279-1280.

  • (review) Social and Ritual Life of the Ambo of Northern Rhodesia, by B. Stefaniszyn.
    American Anthropologist. 1965, 67(1):134- 135.


  • "The Alien Diviner and Local Politics Among the Tonga of Zambia."
    In: Political Anthropology. Edited by Marc J. Swartz, Victor W. Turner, and Arthur Tuden.
    Chicago, IL: Aldine Publishing Company. 1966, pp. 221-228.
    • Reprinted in:
      • Man Makes Sense: A Reader in Modern Cultural Anthropology. Edited by Eugene A. Hammel and William S. Simmons. Boston: Little, Brown. 1970, pp. 244-253.

  • "Land Law and Land Holdings Among Valley Tonga of Zambia."
    Southwestern Journal of Anthropology. 1966, 22(1):1-8.

  • "Problems of Anthropological Research in Central Africa (Malawi, Rhodesia, Zambia)."
    Prepared for the Committee on Research Problems and Ethics of the American Anthropological Association. 1966, 7 pp.

  • "Prospects for Social Research Related to the City of Darwin."
    Communication to Professor William Stanner and Professor John Barnes. 1966, 6 pp.

  • "Recommendations on Research Possibilities in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia."
    Report submitted to the Department of Social Anthropology and the School for Pacific Studies, Australian National University. 1966, 15 pp.

  • (review) The Klamath Tribe: A People and Their Reservation, by Theodore Stern.
    Man, n.s. 1966, 1(3):421.


  • "Competence and Incompetence in the Context of Independence."
    Current Anthropology. 1967, 8(1/2):92-100, with reply, pp. 109-111.

  • "Monze."
    Biographical note for the Encyclopedia Africana, Ghana Academy of Sciences. 1967.

  • Working Papers prepared for the Anthropology Panel of the Behavioral Science Survey: No. 1 Urban Anthropology; No. 2. Social and Cultural Anthropology; No. 3. Experience and Perception; No. 4. The Golden Stool; No. 5. Rebellion on the Copper Belt. 1967.


  • "Contemporary Tribes and the Development of Nationalism."
    In: Essays on the Problems of Tribe. Edited by June Helm.
    Proceedings of the 1967 Annual Spring Meeting of the American Ethnological Society.
    Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press.1968, pp. 201-206.

  • "Ila-Tonga."
    Encyclopedia Britannica. 1968, 11:1075.

  • "Indian Reservations and the American Social System."
    Northwest Anthropological Research Notes. 1968, 5(7):7-11.
    • Reprinted in:
      • "Las Reservaciones Indias y el Sistema Social en los Estados Unidos." America Indigena. 1969, 1929(2):361-368. Translated into Spanish.

  • "Introduction."
    In: The Ila-Speaking Peoples of Northern Rhodesia, by Rev. Edwin W. Smith and Capt. Andrew Murray Dale. New ed.
    New Hyde Park, NY: University Books.

  • with Thayer Scudder.
    "Memorandum for Possible Research Workers in the Kariba Lake Basin."
    Institute for Social Research, University of Zambia, 1968, Bulletin No. 3., pp. 70-73.

  • "The Plateau Tonga Cattle Industry and the Impact of the Kafue Hydro-Electric Dam."
    Prepared for the Kafue Research Committee of the Zambian Government. 1968.

  • "Political Anthropology, I. The Field."
    International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. 12:189-193.
    New York, NY: Macmillan and Free Press. 1968.

  • "Political Style and the Joking Relationship: The Northern Territory Legislative Council and the Darwin City Council."
    Presented at the Social Science Seminar, California Institute of Technology. 1968.

  • "Some Socio-Economic Aspects of the Cattle Industry of Southern Province, Lusaka."
    Manuscript, 7 pp. with 14 pp. appendix. 1968.

  • "Suggestions for a Working Library in Anthropology."
    Prepared at the request of the Fellows Committee, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University. 1968.

  • "Wallis, Wilson D."
    International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 16:445-447.
    New York, NY: Macmillan and Free Press. 1968.

  • (review) The Material Culture of the Peoples of the Gwembe Valley, by Barrie Reynolds.
    American Anthropologist. 1968, 70(6):1204-1205.

  • (review) O-Kee-pa: A Religious Ceremony; and the Other Customs of the Mandans, by George Catlin. New ed. with preface and introduction by J. Ewers
    Man, n.s. 1968, 3(2):335.

  • (review) People of the Seychelles, by Burton Benedict.
    American Anthropologist. 1968, 70(2):384-385.

  • (review) The Tribes of Zambia, by W.V. Brelsford.
    Man, n.s. 1968, 3(4):676-677.


  • "African Society at the Time of the Scramble."
    In: Colonialism in Africa, 1870-1960. Vol. 1: The History and Politics of Colonialism, 1870-1914. Edited by Lewis H. Gann and Peter Duignan.
    Published on behalf of the Hoover Institution.
    Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1969, pp. 27-65.

  • "Spirit Possession Among the Tonga of Zambia."
    In: Spirit Mediumship and Society in Africa. Edited by John Middleton and John Beattie.
    London: Kegan Paul. 1969, pp. 69-103.

  • (review) Ojibwa Religion and the Midewiwin, by Ruth Landes.
    Man, n.s. 1969, 4(1):155-156.

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  • "The Assimilation of Aliens Among the Zambian Tonga."
    In: From Tribe to Nation: Studies in Incorporation Processes. Edited by Ronald Cohen and John Middleton.
    San Francisco, CA: Chandler Publishing Company.1970, pp. 35-54.

  • Behavioral and Social Sciences Survey Committee. Anthropology Panel (with Stephen T. Boggs, Eugene Giles, Dell. H. Hymes, Douglas W. Schwartz, and Sherwood L. Washburn). Anthropology. Edited by Allan H. Smith and John L. Fischer.
    Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall/Spectrum. 1970.

  • "Converts and Tradition: The Impact of Christianity on Valley Tonga Religion."
    Southwestern Journal of Anthropology. 1970, 26(2):143-156.

  • with Elizabeth Scott, co-chairman, Herbert Blumer, Susan Ervin-Tripp, and Frank Newman.
    "Report on the Subcommittee on the Status of Academic Women on the Berkeley Campus."
    Berkeley, CA: Academic Senate, Berkeley Division, University of California. 1970.

  • "Systems of Measurement and Concepts of Time in Rural Africa."
    Manuscript, 1970, 23 pp.

  • "Comment on Local Group Composition Among the Australian Aborigines: A Critique of the Evidence from Fieldwork Conducted Since 1930, by Joseph B. Birdsell."
    Current Anthropology. 1970, 11(2):133.

  • (review) Cattle and Kinship Among the Gogo: A Semi-pastoral Society of Central Tanzania, by Peter Rigby.
    American Anthropologist. 1970, 72(4):920-922.


  • The Social Consequences of Resettlement: the Impact of the Kariba Resettlement upon the Gwembe Tonga.
    Kariba Studies, no. 4.
    Published on behalf of the Institute for African Studies, University of Zambia.
    Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1971.
    • Reviewed in:
      • International Migration Review. Winter 1972, 6(4):471-472. Reviewer: Charles W. Fisher.
      • Journal of Administration Overseas. 11:204.
      • Choice. 9:582.
      • Mankind. June 1973, 9(1):47-48. Reviewer: Olga Gostin.
      • American Anthropologist. December 1973, 75(6):1829-1831. Reviewer: W. Arens.
      • Community Development Journal. 3:195.

  • "Heroism, Martyrdom, and Courage: An Essay on Tonga Ethics."
    In: The Translation of Culture: Essays to Edward Evans-Pritchard. Edited by Thomas O. Beidelman.
    London: Tavistock. 1971, pp. 19-35.

  • "The Impact of the Colonial Period on the Definition of Land Rights."
    In: Colonialism in Africa, 1870-1960. Vol. III: Profiles of Change: African Society and Colonial Rule. Edited by Victor Turner.
    Published on behalf of the Hoover Institution.
    Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1971, pp. 193-215.

  • with Robert Spencer.
    "Wilson D. Wallace, 1886-1970."
    American Anthropologist. 1971, 73(1):257-266.


  • with Thayer Scudder.
    "The Kariba Dam Project: Resettlement and Local Initiative."
    In: Technology and Social Change. Edited by H. Russell Bernard and Pertti J. Pelto.
    New York, NY: Macmillan. 1972, pp. 39-70.
    Reprinted in Spanish by Editores Asociados, Mexico City, 1974.

  • "Land Tenure in Independent Africa."
    Revised version of paper read at the Seminar on African Development, University of Wisconsin, Madison, April 21, 1972. 26 pp.


  • "Tranquility for the Decision-Maker."
    In: Cultural Illness and Health: Essays in Human Adaptation. Edited by Laura Nader and Thomas W. Maretzki.
    Anthropological Studies, No. 9.
    Washington, DC: American Anthropological Association. 1973, pp. 89-96.


  • Autobiographies of Three Pomo Women.
    Berkeley, CA: Archaeological Research Facility, University of California, Berkeley, 1974.

  • Tradition and Contract: The Problem of Order.
    The 1973 Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures presented at the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York.
    Chicago, IL: Aldine Publishing Company, 1974.
    • Reviewed in:
      • American Anthropologist. 1973, 78(1):197. Reviewer: Edwin A. Cook
      • Science. April 18, 1975. Reviewer: Richard D. Jones.
      • Choice. 12:261.
      • Times Literary Supplement. August 8, 1975.

  • "Foreword."
    In: The Next Generation: An Ethnography of Education in an Urban Neighborhood, by John U. Ogbu.
    New York: Academic Press. 1974, pp. xi-xiii.


  • "Changing Anthropology in Africa."
    In: African Dimensions: Essays in Honor of William O. Brown. Edited by Mark Karp.
    Published on behalf of the African Studies Center, Boston University.
    New York, NY: Africana. 1975, pp. 15-27.

  • "Max Gluckman: An Obituary."
    Royal Anthropological Institute News, 1975, 9:8-9.

  • with Ted Scudder.
    "New Economic Relationships Between the Gwembe Valley and the Line of Rail."
    In: Town and Country in Central and Eastern Africa. Edited by David Parkin.
    Studies presented and discussed at the 12th International African Seminar, Lusaka, September 1972.
    London: International African Institute, Oxford University Press. 1975, pp. 190-210.

  • (review) Class Differences and Sex Roles in American Kinship and Family Structure, by David M. Schneider. Man. 1975, 10(3):498.

  • (review) "Identity and Change." Review of Tradition and Identity in Changing Africa, by Mark A. Tessler, William M. O'Barr, and David H. Spain.
    Reviews in Anthropology. 1975, 2(1):115- 118.


  • "Culture and Progress." Distinguished Lecture, 74th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, San Francisco, 1975.
    American Anthropologist. 1976, 78(2):261-271.

  • "From Chief's Court to Local Court."
    In: Freedom and Constraint: A Memorial Tribute to Max Gluckman. Edited by Myron J. Aronoff.
    Assen, The Netherlands: Van Gorcum. 1976, pp. 15-29.
    • Reprinted in:
      • Political Anthropology. 1976, 1(3/4):15-29.

  • with George Foster, Thayer Scudder, and Robert V. Kemper.
    "Long-Term Field Research in Social Anthropology."
    Current Anthropology. 1976, 17(3):494-496.


  • "A Continuing Dialogue: Prophets and Local Shrines Among the Tonga of Zambia."
    In: Regional Cults. Edited by R. Werbner.
    A.S.A. Monograph, 16.
    New York, NY: Academic Press. 1977, pp. 119-139.

  • "Foreword."
    In: The Tonga People on the Southern Shore of Lake Kariba. Edited by A.K.H. Weinrich.
    Mambo Occasional Papers, Socio- Economic Series, No. 8.
    Gwelo, Rhodesia: Mambo Press. 1977, pp. 7-9.

  • "From Livingstone to Lusaka, 1948-51."
    Africa Social Research. 1977, 24:297-308.

  • "The Institute Under Max Gluckman, 1942-1947."
    African Social Research. December 1977, 24:285-296.

  • "The Least Common Denominator."
    In: Secular Ritual. Edited by Sally Falk Moore and Barbara G. Meyerhoff.
    Papers presented at a conference entitled "Secular Rituals Considered," August 24-September 1, 1974 at Burg Wartenstein, Austria.
    Assen, The Netherlands: Van Gorcum. 1977, pp. 189-198.

  • with Eric Blinman and Robert Heizer.
    "A Makah Epic Journey: Oral History and Documentary Sources."
    Pacific Northwest Quarterly. 1977, 68(4):153-163.

  • "Power at Large: Meditation on 'The Symposium on Power.' "
    In: The Anthropology of Power: Ethnographic Studies from Asia, Oceania, and the new World. Edited by Raymond D. Fogelson and Richard N. Adams.
    New York, NY: Academic Press. 1977, pp. 375-386.

  • "World Food and Nutrition Study: The Potential Contributions of Research."
    Prepared by the Steering Committee, NRC Study on World Food and Nutrition of the Commission on International Relations, National Research Council.
    Washington, DC: National Academy of Sciences, 1977.


  • "Max Gluckman and the Study of Divorce."
    In: Cross-Examination: Essays in Memory of Max Gluckman. Edited by P. Gulliver.
    Leiden, The Netherlands: E.J. Brill. 1978, pp. 15-28.

  • "A Redundancy of Actors."
    In: Scale and Social Organization. Edited by Fredrik Barth.
    Oslo: Universitesforlaget. 1978, pp. 150-162.


  • Editor with George M. Foster, Thayer Scudder, and Robert V. Kemper.
    Long-term Field Research in Social Anthropology
    Papers presented at a symposium held in Burg Wartenstein, Vienna, Austria, August 20-September 6, 1975; rewritten by the authors.
    New York, NY: Academic Press, 1979.

  • with Thayer Scudder.
    "Long Term Field Research in Gwembe Valley, Zambia."
    In: Long-Term Field Research in Social Anthropology. Edited by George M. Foster, Thayer Scudder, Elizabeth Colson, and Robert V. Kemper.
    Papers presented at a symposium held in Burg Wartenstein, Vienna, Austria, August 20-September 6, 1975; rewritten by the authors.
    New York, NY: Academic Press, 1979. pp. 227-254.

  • with Benjamin Shipopa and Martin Munene.
    "The History of Nampeyo and the Life History of Chief Chona (Chilala)."
    Chief Chona's life history recorded by M. Munene in the Tonga Language from Chief Chona's dictation and translated by Elizabeth Colson.
    Typescript in Anthropology Library, University of California at Berkeley. 179 leaves.

  • "In Good Years and in Bad: Food Strategies of Self-Reliant Societies."
    Journal of Anthropological Research. 1979, 35(1):18-29.

  • "Max Gluckman."
    International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, Biographical Supplement,
    New York, NY: Free Press. 1979, pp. 242-246.

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