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Journal Articles and Chapters in Books, 1950s-1960s








  • "Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan's Role in the Regeneration of the Muslims of India."
    Islamic Review. March 1955.


  • "The Immigrant Birds of Mauritius."
    The Avicultural Magazine. September-October 1957.

  • "Factionalism in Mauritian Villages."
    British Journal of Sociology. December 1957.


  • "British Canals and the Anthropologist."
    The Inland Waterways Association Bulletin. 1958.

  • "Mauritius."
    News of Population and Birth Control. January 1958.

  • "Discussion of W.B. Watson 'Comparative Sociology'."
    Architectural Association Journal. April 1958.

  • "Cash and Credit in Mauritius."
    The South African Journal of Economics. September 1958.

  • "Education Without Opportunity: Education, Economics and Communalism in Mauritius."
    Human Relations. November 1958.

  • (review) "Jordan, Lebanon and Syria: An Annotated Bibliography" by Raphael Patai.
    Man. December 1958.


  • (review) "Ethnographic Films."
    Nature. March 7, 1959.

  • (review) "Aku-Ak, the Secret of Easter Island" by Thor Heyerdahl and "Espiritu Santo" by Jean Guiart.
    Pacific Affairs. June 1959.

  • "Cultural Patterns and Motivations for Family Planning."
    Family Planning. July 1959.

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  • (review) "Mauritius at the Crossroads."
    British Journal of Sociology. December 1961.


  • "Stratification in Plural Societies."
    American Anthropologist. December 1962.

  • (review) "Limuria: The Lesser Dependencies of Mauritius" by Sir Robert Scott.
    The Geographical Journal. 1962.


  • "Dependency and Development in the Seychelles."
    Social Service Quarterly. Summer 1963.

  • (review) "Economic Development and Social Change in South India" by T. Scarlett Epstein.
    Man. June 1963.

  • (review) "Indians Far From Home: Asians in East Africa" by George Delf; "Ceylon: A Dvided Nation" by B.H. Farmer; "Indians in Fiji" by Adrian C. Mayer.
    New Society. August 8, 1963.

  • (review) "Traditional Cultures and the Impact of Technological Change" by George M. Foster.
    British Journal of Sociology. December 1963.


  • with Teresa Spens.
    "Report on a Conference on Applied Anthropology held at the London School of Economics and Political Science, July 1st to 3rd, 1963."
    Human Organization. Spring 1964.

  • "Indians Overseas."
    The Institute of Race Relations Newsletter. July 1964.

  • "Social Anthropology."
    Tuesday Term. July-August 1964.

  • "Capital, Saving and Credit amoung Mauritius Indians."
    In: Capital, Saving, and Credit in Peasant Societies. Edited by R. Firth and B.S. Yamey.
    London: Allen and Unwin, 1964.

  • (review) "Tribe, Caste and Nation" by F.G. Bailey.
    British Journal of Sociology. December 1964.

  • (review) "Indian Immigrants in Britain" by Rashmi Desai.
    British Journal of Sociology. December 1964.


  • (review) "Human Nature and the Study of Society: The Papers of Robert Redfield, vol. 1" edited by Margaret Park Redfield.
    Isis. 1965.


  • "Sociological Characteristics of Small Territories and Their Implications for Economic Development."
    In: The Social Anthropology of Complex Societies. Edited by M. Banton.
    London: Tavistock, 1966.

  • "Les Problemes de l'ile Maurice."
    Le Monde Diplomatique. April 1966.

  • "Co-operation in Primitive Human Societies."
    Eugenics Review. June 1966.

  • "Population Regulation in Primitive Societies."
    Abstracts of the Proceedings of the Royal Society Population Study Group, No. 2, 1966.

  • (review) "Stratification in Grenada" by M.G. Smith.
    American Anthropologist. October 1966.


  • (review) "The Hadza" (film).
    Man. March 1967.

  • "The Relation of Applied Anthropology to Anthropological Theory."
    Man. December 1967.

  • "The Educational Uses of Ethnographic Film."
    UNESCO Round Table on Ethnographic Film in the Pacific
    Syndney, 1967.

  • "Sociological Aspects of Smallness."
    In: Problems of Smaller Territories. Edited by Burton Benedict.
    London: Athlone Press, 1967.

  • "The Equality of the Sexes in the Seychelles."
    In: Social Organization: Essays Presented to Raymond Firth. Edited by M. Freedman.
    London: Frank Cass, 1967.

  • "Caste in Mauritius."
    In: Caste in Overseas Indian Societies. Edited by B. Schwartz.
    San Francisco: Chandler, 1967.


  • (review) "Kinship and Marriage" by Robin Fox.
    British Book News. February 1968.

  • (review) "Morne-Paysan: Peasant Village in Martinique" by Michael M. Horowitz.
    Man. March 1968.

  • "The Plural Society in Mauritius."
    Race. May 1968.

  • "Family Firms and Economic Development."
    Southwestern Journal of Anthropology. Spring 1968.

  • (review) "The Indian Minority of Zambia, Rhodesia and Malawi" by F. and L. Dotson.
    Man. December 1968.


  • (review) "Man and Aggression" edited by Ashley Montagu.
    Man. September 1969.

  • "Les relations entre les ethnies à l'ile Maurice."
    Revue de Psychologie des Peuples, no. 4, 1969.

  • "Role Analysis in Animals and Men."
    Man. June 1969.

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