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Configurations of Culture Growth, by Alfred L. Kroeber (1876-1960)

Alfred L. Kroeber(1876-1960)

Configurations of Culture Growth

Berkeley, University of California Press, 1944

CB53.K7 Anthropology Library

"This handsome volume, one of a group commemorating the seventy-fifth anniversary of the University of California, caps the prolific and extraordinarily varied publications of the most distinguished of living American anthropologists.... In this book [Kroeber] demonstrates his control over amazing ranges of world history. Kroeber's versatility and intellectual robustness are all the more refreshing when viewed against the background of the narrowness and overspecialization, the relative isolation from the main currents of contemporary thought, and the inbred parochialism which have, on the whole, characterized twentieth-century anthropology. Configurations of Culture Growth deserves those abused adjectives 'great' and 'monumental.' "

From: Clyde Kluckhohn 1946 review of "Configurations of Culture Growth."
American Journal of Sociology, vol. 51, no. 4, p. 336-341.

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