Spring Centennial Conference

Centennial Speakers
Historical Highlights of the Department
Decades of Excellence: Distuinguished Alumni
Anthropology and the World


Decades of Excellence
Saturday, April 13, 2002
2040 Valley Life Sciences Building
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Professor Nelson Graburn, Master of Ceremonies

Micaela diLeonardo (Northwestern University) Exotics at Home in Berkeley

Susan Gal (University of Chicago)
Speaking of Berkeley, Speaking at Berkeley: The Language Behavior Research Lab

Aron Crowell (Smithsonian Institute, Alaska)
Dynamics of Indigenous Collaboration in Alaska

Roger Lancaster (George Mason University)
Cultural Anthropology and Cultural Studies

Mayfair Yang (UC Santa Barbara)
IFrom Maoism to Post-Structuralism: The Groping of a Berkeley Anthropology Student

Louis Freedberg (San Francisco Chronicle)
Power, People and the Press: Media Homogenization in a Democratic Society

Janine Wedel (University of Pittsburgh)
Transactorship and Flex Organizations in Governance: Exploring the Policy Dimensions of Anthropology

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