This exhibit is the result of an extraordinary team effort involving library staff, along with faculty and graduate students in the department of Anthropology and staff of the Hearst Museum. Particular gratitude is owed to Gisele Bousquet (Ph.D. UCB Anthropology 1987), and current anthropology graduate students Misha Klein and Liz Roberts for research assistance. Caralee Witteveen-Lane and Stephanie Sadre-Orafai of the George and Mary Foster Anthropology Library assisted with the preparation and installation. University Archivist Bill Roberts supplied crucial materials from the Bancroft Library collections. The visual appeal of the exhibit owes much to the loan of decorative ethnographic items from the Hearst Museum Store.

The Centennial Committee of the Department of Anthropology (Professors Nader, Graburn, Kirch and Scheper-Hughes) along with Professor and Chair, William Hanks and Professor Emerita Elizabeth Colson provided invaluable support and adivce while many other faculty contributed useful ideas.

The Library Exhibits Committee and Patty Iannuzzi provided important organizational support while Catherine Dinnean masterfully orchestrated the design and installation of the whole.

Suzanne Calpestri, Curator
The John H. Rowe Librarian

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